How factually incorrect news is ruining the career and social life of a teacher


Lilum, Kupwara:  An ‘alleged’ molestation case, in Lilum School, a village in Handwara Tehsil of Kupwara District, is widely circulated on social media since last week and later the news was carried by the media organizations too.

Ironically, even a leading daily has carried the news that the minor girl was molested by the teacher during the “Friday” prayers, and rescued by the students. This news of “Friday” is denied by the enquiry committee.

This leads to the new development and the school head, intimidated the ZEO office on 5th of August. Interestingly, the teacher was relieved twice on the same day and suspended also. This is yet to be confirmed that how and why there were two relieving orders for the teacher in a single day.


The head teacher of the institute said that, “The media reports are totally baseless and even no one tries to enquire it from us. On Friday after 12:40 pm, we never let students to be in the school because, the school has a jungle nearby”, he said and added that, “This alleged molestation case has happened on Saturday 1stof August, which according to the girl during third period/class and everyone was in the school. She also reported it after lunch break.”

 The department of education later formed an enquiry team headed by the headmaster of Girls High School Villagam along with other two members including a senior female teacher. The enquiry team has submitted its report to the Zonal Education Office, Villagam on 13 August.

The police has also registered the case and the investigation is going on. The child welfare committee, according the sources has also advised the police to register an FIR and investigate the case further.

Note: The image is used for the representational purposes not for depicting the story .