PDP M.P’s brother all set to fight in ULB election Despite Boycott call.

Kamran Ashraf Bhat
Editor Spotlight

 Yes , it is happening , what was expected from PDP in Kupwara for the Urban local Bodies Election after its president Former CM Mehbooba Mufti called for boycott .

“The situation created by linking panchayat polls with the case pending in Supreme Court on Article 35A has created apprehension in the minds of the people, who see an assault on the special constitutional position of the state… It was unanimously resolved that the party would stay away from the electoral exercise at this juncture,” said Mehbooba in her press conference.

But what was shocking that it’s lead campaigner in Kupwara constituency   , brother of sitting MP , Riyaz Mir parted ways from the party .

When the party decided to boycott this election ,it was very much expected that it won’t be followed unanimously by every members . As the dates for election came nearby ,party  
dichotomized , local members started opposing the leadership with many other persuasions . Members conveyed about the aftermath of this boycott but non of them believed what ever they were told,” said a local PDP sympathizer , who remained anonymous .

Riyaz Mir is known as the lead policy maker in the local politics when it comes to fight any election , his public contact skills has given him a cogent image within the party comrades.

Well if you want to know  who in introduced  PDP in the nook and corner of Kupwara constituency it’s Riyaz Mir , he has been a force when it comes to mass contact . When MP. Fayaz Mir was given mandate for MLA election by party leadership , Riyaz Mir was the one who took every responsibility to ‘get the things rolling ‘ in locality . He has been always popular in youths which helped party to manage stunning popularity . Without Riyaz Mir you can’t think about the M.P fund distribution , his brother was consulting him first for any move ,” said Ghulam Rasool lone , a local PDP member who hails from batergam, village of Kupwara .

Having such high credibility within the party , what disembodied Riyaz Mir from party to participate in the election .
To understand this mystery we investigated the whole development .

IK Investigation .

When we contacted additional spokesperson of PDP Kupwara , Shahid , he categorically rejected any sort of favour from party leadership to those who decided participating in elections . ” We have terminated their basic membership ,they have  decided on their own to participate in the election .

When asked if after elections they wanted to join party again will your stand be the same, that doors for them will remain closed ? He said that “Kal kis ne dekha kya hoga” nobody know the future .

It was clear that party has contradiction on taking any permanent stand against the rebel members . The spokesperson was taking the advantage to propagate the opaque determination.

See what happened  , we had accepted what was advised but after the names of candidates were out in public we realised that the Kupwara town will be annihilated . Number of candidates carry worst past . They don’t even know how ULB work and what are the aims under which these bodies are organised . I am sure about one thing ,if we allow these persons to win seats without fight , people will avenge us in upcoming elections . Keeping all these sensitive matters under consideration for days ,we realised that we won’t give away so easily ,” said a local PDP sympathizer who claims to be no more affiliated with the party lines and wished for anonymity .

According to our II  phase of investigation in which we asked many reputed businessman what really motivated Riyaz Mir to go against his brother .

All of these businessman ,harmoniously ,who did not wanted to be named in story , said it was a tough call from this young man (Riyaz Mir ) but not unsurprising  because we expect something from his party when some unusual people started to submitting applications for the ULB election . This was  clearly a gratifying move from Riyaz Mir towards his voters who have been all weather associates of his brother and him .

All of these views were still not making a clear image of the situation which developed since he  (Riyaz Mir)   resigned from party . To understand what is behind the curtain , even if local leadership is giving him support in every possible way.

We asked these questions to Senior Journalist and political analyst , Peerzada Abdur Rashid he said ,” It was clear for the local leadership after Mehbooba Mufti announced boycott that it will be a huge setback for PDP in Kupwara as many boots where ready to be filled from different ideas . I take it as  a sharp , motivated ,discussed and with prepared movie on the docket . I consider it as a startegy to strengthen the muscles for future , as you know PDP has lost huge popularity in the state and same as in Kupwara . Everyone know well that Riyaz Mir will get the support from his ex comrades , he has been projected to take party out of crises . I think there was no option without this for the family to retain the crown , it is the best opportunity for them and  there was also  a sense of insecurity because many persons who have filed for the election are  hard-core when it comes to opposing the PDP and it’s sympathizers . See after results ,you will not have  to wait for six months ,these rebels are going to join back and it is my true observations ,you will see them back in the same pack . It is just a popular political stunt and hope they will be successful in game of thrones .”

Kamran Ashraf Bhat is Senior Sub Editor of inside Kashmir , and Editor of its investigating team Spotlight .