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07 Years on, Kupwara Village bridge awaits completion

Bhat Danish

Kupwara :The locals of Bangurgund village of Kupwara on Saturday stages a protest and expressed resentment against administration for failing to turn bridge functional even after 07 years.

The bridge is connecting around 20 neighbouring villages, including three main blocks of Kupwara, “Ramhall, Tarathpora and Wilgam.

A local told to IK, (Inside Kashmir) that,”due to absence of bridge we are cut off from our fields, we are not able to visit our fields or orchards, causing a huge problem to us”.

Block Development Member, Wilgam, told to IK, that the work over the bridge has been started 7 years before, but till now it has not been pushed to end, leaving many villages in trouble, BDC said.

There has been number accidents due to incomplete work over the bridge. The R&B has left it midway, without bothering about people, he added.

The bridge is connecting, 03 blocks, including, Tarathpora, Ramhall and Willgam, says BDC.

“We request District administration, Kupwara to look into the matter, and ask the department to accelerate the work over bridge”, he added.

Despite repeated calls to AEE R&B Kupwara, the calls have not been answered