IK’s analysis reveals enormous symbols of compromised incidents which are vamoosing the credibility of local Journalists .

Kamran Ashraf Bhat
Editor Spotlight

As investigative journalism is taking its last days having few contributors behind , the questions are making itself controversial . What is so important , that has accelerated the whole honeymoon between the questionnaire and respondent is showing the dark side of this known “Watch Dog” .
The uneasiness starts when questions are asked to the “asker” who believes that he has the solo responsibility of tabling the questions .

Daily Inside Kashmir has learnt how Government Departments and influential local journalists are Polluting this institution at a very fast speed .

The importance of this institution is decreasing in the Kupwara district at an alarming rate , people are usually , verbally attacking the journalists with realistic arguments .
It is the part of the process , making journalists least trust worthy which ultimately create a vacuum for corruption .

The people’s trust in media is directly related to how neet and clean the white collar of media is .

It’s true who have been taking lead without any effective and celebrated track record in this field are more opportunist than professional and at the same time their every action is carrying an opposite reaction of disgrace for this reputed institution.

First, though, it is necessary to stress the difficulty in obtaining reliable data on every attitude, but what has emerged as one of the frequent treat towards the young media persons working in the district is no prestige from the government departments and local public despite working under the standard procedure of Media .

We interviewed a young Journalists who is a working journalists, to examine his perception about what is happening around .

“Journalism is very Nobel profession and is considered the voice raiser of voiceless.
But unfourtanetly,there are few people who for their vilest benefits are trying to spoil the field of journalism. Due to these people the charm and beauty of journalism is dying day by day.
I admire this institution and those who are associated with it . I am a cub journalist ,I face embarrassment when my family members and my friends question about local journalist who are busy in declining this precious job. Whenever we visit official as a responsible reporters we don’t see respect or importance from their part ,which is out come of relations behind the curtain. I personally know many young and professional journalist in this district with enormous skills of communication who are inspiring me to still hope for the best . It is the duty of responsible journalists to parish this challenge so that the righteous can be saved,” said Faizan Qureshi , a local journalist .

Symbols of compromised journalism

Most of reputed and giant media organisations have allowed unprofessional and unethical journalists who have no reputation when it comes about having communication knowledge . What involves in a report , how a report makes up to authentic parameter. This responsibility lies at the initial stage on media organisations who without having background checks recruit unprofessional .Media outlets should provide journalists and staff with adequate ethics and integrity training, and establish internal integrity systems with clear codes of conduct with policies regulating conflicts of interest, gifts and due diligence for advertising decisions.
We have pointed out few symbols which are representing lowest standard of journalism in Kupwara;

I) Not a single major investigative report has been broadcasted or published from last 10 years . In our data analysis we found only few organisation with least two or three investigative reports published from Kupwara ,who end up without any result because of unpopular platform . We found that journalists working with popular media outlets have not exercised any Investigation on corruption leads .
It’s believed that ,the sustainability of journalism, especially investigative journalism, rests upon a reputation for integrity, ethical conduct and credibility.

II) Whenever the stories on minor corruption were reported , either in the middle of whole development ,reporters suspended the follow-ups or they issued corrigendum in papers . Following a story means guarantee of its impact, our analysis found that the stories after day Ist of reporting disappear without any impact or result . It gives an insight of corruption and unreasonable relations with departments .

III) while interviewing high profile official of District Administration , The questions were mostly asked about Government plans and town grievances . The officials never received any question on Corruption or development deficit . It was learnt that many journalists where informed about high level corruptions in many Government departments but non of them was reported or investigated . These reasons educate about corruption of journalist and organisations .

One of the Government official said on anonymity that this is a media mafia with well organised system of corruption .
” From taking bribes from 4th class employee to many District officers of departments the systematic bribe collection is happening on daily basis . These persons who I don’t call journalists threaten corrupt officers about any exposer and receive construction works , favours , parties and cash in return .These persons are so organised that they receive money like criminal Mafia’s pattern of ‘vasul the week’ (hafta vasuli) . I am witness of all this , I have been seeing my seniors who under fear exchange favours, Journalists coming to visit officers with authentic documents and evidences of corruption or embezzlement of funds ,which if are reported can lead to effective changes in departments but they get in trash boxes after receiving favours ,” Said this Official .

“Fighting immediately against corruption in media consist many steps or approaches , strong anti corruption policy within Media organisation , recruitment of professional journalists , background checks on journalists . Story accountability or graph of reporting standard of reporters checked by Editors ,” said Hamid Ahmed , who is teaching media studies in Chennai .

(Kamran Ashraf Bhat is Editor of investigative team of Daily Inside Kashmir , Spotlight .)