PLAGIARISM is practised without any guilt  by many people. Students share each other’s assignments and after copying it, submit these as if they did it themselves.
I have observed it with great amusement when Students from various Universities ask you for notes and exchange of university assignments everywhere.
I find it remarkable that how hard it is to explain what plagiarism is to these young students aspiring to earn higher degrees.
The teachers are very hard on plagiarism and will strike you down if your paragraphs, phrases or even ideas match in those submissions without attributing it to the rightful authors.
 University assignments and research work are scrutinised by certain software checks for finding plagiarism.Education in India, right from kindergarten to the PhD level, is rot with this malady.
A person educated in this environment becomes a mismatch in the western educational system, for instance, a child is not given made-up drawings to copy in a preschool in any western school.
The child is allowed to explore his or her ideas and draw them as he/she may wish, slowly and surely after a while they will start to come up with much more constructive ideas and drawings with greater detail, which may be more understandable to parents.The creativity and originality are inculcated right from the beginning and remains with the child for ever.
While, on the other hand, this habit becomes a handicap to students who go to other countries for higher education and keep on with this dishonest practice without realising that it hinders their professional and educational development.
I wish that our educational institutions will make this as their foremost policy to stop this and enforce it by all means to create a better educational environment.In our State of J&K, plagiarism is a conventional alternative to research.The education system is facing a blot, from bottom to periphery.Awareness, scrutiny & laws are needed to abhor & abominate from this filthy practice.