It’s Allah’s mercy; breaking the ice and making Wudu for Fajr in Chillai-Kalan at -7◦ C.

By | Younus Rashid / Mudasir Ahmad

When the whole world is asleep a man gets up and upholds the name of supreme power. The omniscient power nearer to him asks, “What do you need? The greatest power had told already to all his creation, this is the time when I am nearer to you. When the whole of the world wrap themselves with thick quilts and blankets in this Chillai- Kalaan. 

It is this man called Mouzin, who pushes off the warmth that he had earned because of the woollen attire and starts to perform ablution with an intention to call upon name of the creator of this universe. Thereby calling all the people to prostrate to their creator.

By the time he starts his journey towards the destination in a bone-chilling weather. As he puts his right foot in the Masjid the supplication goes on, “O Allah open the gates of your mercy for me”. Meanwhile, this is followed by the Azaan (calling Muslims for prayer) his duty- for which he is called Mouzin.

When Azan resonates or reverberates the darkness of night starts to fade away. Nevertheless, in Azan he calls his neighbours to come towards “success” and “prayer is better than sleeping”. Is it easy to come out of warm bedding in the dawn when the temperature is -7* C in a place like Kashmir during Chillai-Kalan in action? Muezzin replies, “It is Allah’s mercy, and only possible when you keep the final resting place in mind- that is Grave. It’s snowing heavily and the Masjid is not having Hammam, no AC’s and other heating gadgets, will you not feel chill there.

Again he replies, “When you have love of the Greater Power, all the other worldly gadgets will never become a barrier to turn to Allah. After offering Sallah (prayer) he comes out again with supplications “O Allah I ask of you, your goodness”. In meantime, on his face, there was a pleasant smile. In addition, while walking back to his home and ruminating Allah has given me another day.

There is a subtle difference between “waiting” and “waiting for” and in there lies the difference between “peaceful progress” and “stressful success”. One of the most essential qualities for spiritual progress is the ability to do one’s part and just wait. . . Most people who cry for a spiritual experience, that eluding silence. Actually, suffer because of this attitudinal disease- waiting for. By ‘waiting for’ the experience, you become a witness against your own self. Instead of becoming a witness to the experience. It is to that waiting witness that the spiritual experience unfolds itself.

Give up “waiting for” and you will give up stressful success. Learn to do your part and wait . . . that’s the path to peaceful progress.

The chill that stops most of us from doing all chores, when the water freezes when the air is choked our Mouzin in the midst of the darkness calls the word of Allah which resonates the aroma of the morning.Allah ho Akbar.

Younus Rashid is B.A English [honours] student and Mudasir Ahmad is a research scholar. Suggestions will be appreciated at