The title of this write up seems absolutely unnatural and could slide the curtains of ones mind to think about the cause and the reason of using such a title for some thing to b publishes in a newspaper.Well! I m all prepared to take you out of this confusion. Doing MBBS has noting obviously to do with that of unnecessary haughtiness, it is just a degree more akin those of other degrees we acquire to meet the ends of life.The common cause of all the degrees is to serve the humanity ,be it MBBS or any non professional or professional degree.Let me come to my concern with out beating about the bush.You would be waiting for to know the reason of MBBS and the arrogance annexed to it.You all would have seen the way doctors react with their patients.Yes,it is always uncouth and irresponsible. It is always more severe in the government hospitals and not too much less in the private run institutions.Since the private institutions are the sold out ones,in the sense that patients give hefty bucks to get better treatment and i think mostly they give up their hard earned money only to get well treated verbally.Most often ,i have seen doctors everywhere use rough language and never feel it better to listen serenely to the patients woes.It seems as if the doctors are never supposed to listen and are supernatural entities to keep their arrogance at peak.This is the growing malady and must b curbed asap.If not stopped in the right time the time would when the marginalised people will prefer to plunge into the grave with having a look at the rowdy faces of so called doctors.I think and i am sure that doctors waste their time in reading rotund books to get acquainted about the medical science and leave behind what is called the truth of the humanity ,ethics and morality.In that case ,they remain illiterate ,unsound,and incomplete.I am not intended to hurt anybody particular community .I am just making it public what i have noticed untill now.Nor can i generalise things ,there are exceptions aswell.But the whole needs to get socialised so that the major portion of the maladies would get away of their own ,alone with the noble behaviour of the doctors.I request all the people associated with this noble profession to kindly shun your ego.You are as common as others in the society.Do some justice with you own existence and treat people well.Think that the person who drops in at comes with hope and expects you to cure his disorder you give him bites of arrogance in lieu if the cure he is expecting ,it kills him yes kills him quick.And you shall be answerable for that if not here but sure hereafter he will hold u by the collor.Better to shed this filthiness and increase the rush to your doors to procure more supplications and win more hearts.Otherwise ,hate will get compound About you. And you loose the show of respect and the respect for this profession.I as a parent would never prefer my child to choose a jib that yields no respect but alone arrogance.Protect the society from adopting this notion.Help us in keep this profession living deep into our hearts.