By | Peerzada Mumin

Now, when the year 2018 has come to an end, with horrific and terrible memories. It was a year of despair. During the whole year, we just wrapped our young ones in coffins, not a single day of happiness or hopefulness. From spring , summer to autumn. It was all that sadned us.        Here in Kashmir valley, all these happenings are not new or surprising. We have been witnessing this since early 90,s. With spells of calmness. However, the ongoing death and destruction spree is much concerning for me like youngesters. We see no hopeness or brightness in our future. The pauseless destruction has sadned us all across.   

 Year 2018, was the worst in decade with more than 500 deaths, including civilians . Mourning and wailing rounded us during whole 365 days. Frequent shutdowns and restrictions were like part of our lives. Not only this , internet shutdown added the pain and anguish . There was 108 times internet blocked here.           Now, we are in 2019  . Let everyone make a sincere and honest effort for peace restoration here. We can’t wait long now, much blood has flown across our streams.In everyone’s interest. Let our leaders do it. Let’s hope and pray.