World has now turned into global village due to the Technological explosion far and wide and this revolution made exciting progress possible in every field and man is thinking to step on Mars and sent exploring missions towards sun. But it was good and turned easy every thing for man but when we thought to  govern the state on technological pattern, at the beginning it seemed to solve our problems and which really happened and work is  performed at 4G speed ,and which ultimately helped us to dispose off the work quickly but we call governing a state on the technological lines as E-Governance or Electronic Governance .E-Governance saves our time, money and increases output as the plan formulation was earlier done manually Now it was to be done through adoption of technology. But here we must be aware about the demerits, flaws of technology as  now man is committing deliberate mistakes by taking help from technology and blames then to technology for the error, however it occurs only due to human intervention who secretly runs the system as per his/her  desire and hence the chances of corruption increased manifold when we compare the rate of corruption done manually and it’s one of the form is bribery that is Cash taken by person under the table known in kashmiri “Chai” also ,we are witness in recent years systematic crimes were carried out by using computer technology  and even in the state of j&k at number of places  Were raided  by police and arrested Mafias and well-organized gangs who were printing fake currency and one such example is presence of black Money in the market and for stopping circulation and pumping of black money into market, Government of India switched to Demonetisation of 1000 rupee note ,now government is thinking to demonetise the newly introduced 2000 rupee note, and due to technological boom newly 2000 rupee note could be prepared easily . Enforcement directorate also started raiding metro cities and arresting gangs who were carrying out the plan ,moreover rate of cyber crime increased and phising was discovered, Hackers started intruding into Government sites and files of security importance stealing important information ,disabling the critical sites transferring amounts from accounts to other accounts.

The Digital revolution of Our state is fool proof to such an extent that one of the recruitment boards JKSSB issued Admit card to an ASS for appearing in exam and Board Of Professional Entrance Examination led by  Mushtaq Peer issued Admit card to “Kachir Gaw” that is cow and ultimately fool proof system made entry of Mushtaq Peer chairman BOPEE into Jail possible. Some sold question papers to Common Entrance Test aspirants who were aspiring to be doctors, engineer’s , and also to doctors pursuing post graduation MD, MS. and which led to creation of Fake doctors specialised in orthopaedic namely Tariq Ahmad Teli recently arrested and put behind bars.                                 State of J&k has FIRs registered in different police stations, particularly at cyber police station, Crime branch, Vigilance organisation ,CBI about the frauds carried out by some employees and gangs who used to provide fake Degree certificates, appointment  orders by using technology and we used  this technology in institutions for preparing record of students, recruitment boards registered candidates for employment avenues , made advertisements and then there were evidences as per press reports that Governor intervened in the Bank associates list published recently and directed JK Bank to adjust deserving candidates and reframe the merit list ,on the intervention of Governor j&k Satiya Paul Malik the deserving candidates were provided justice that too forcibly . If He would not had intervened then non deserving lot would have been appointed . In the same manner a list of teachers appointed by SSRB in 1996 Came into public domain which contained maximum blue eyed candidates, I am having evidences some were appointed on fake RBA certificates, about which state is aware and some among them are working as lecturers ,masters . Some among them were appointed on fake qualification  certificates and their appointment was challenged in court of law which are till subjudice   .Now I am citing example of Jammu Kashmir public service commission who as per Governor SP Malik have appointed KAS officers without any written exam or interview, which is contrary to natural law of justice and further the lists of Lecturer appointed in physics in 2002 ,2005,2008 have appointed such people who were not in the merit and those appointments are also still Subjudice in the court of law. These are a few examples which I am citing there will be thousands of such cases and it is the result of these scams and corrupt practices that state of j&k is still maintaining its Rank  No 1  as epitome of Corruption and state of j&k claims to be Muslim majority state where are those ethics and teachings on which they feel proud.                       

                Meanwhile if any new project is launched in the state of j&k or any other state, foremost thing which the concerned state follows is introduction of the said scheme or project on pilot basis and for experimentation to observe flaws, Pros and cons of the it and observing results in every angle, then discussing the matter widely with experts after this process if the project or scheme is found to possess only merits then it is passed through legal recourse and only then adopted .JKPSC advertised KAS vacancies in 2016 and due to  malafide intentions of jkpsc as per Hon’ble High court of J&k it delayed the process by keeping discrepancies at every level like 16 questions wrong in answer key calling study of mountains as oncology and making entry of 2300 candidates possible even after providing chance to more 429 when questions were wrong, the last among these 429 has scored has scored 260 and was declared qualified when cut off merit was 270 ,Which is best example of psc being corrupt body and loaded with malafide intention as per high court.      

                                    Till date psc used to follow manual evaluation of Answer scripts of kas aspirants how come it adopted the said method in the middle of the second stage ie mains exam If it was to introduce it why not issued instructions to  candidates regarding digital evaluation if they were going to adopt digital evaluation why they stressed on the rule 20 of instruction published in the beginning of mains exam that “if any candidate resorts to use of black ball point pen ,the said candidate will be debarred from exams and will be treated as use of Unfair means”  ,when experts are told to express your views they reply “Scanner can’t scan ink other than black during scanning process and it simply results in producing blur copies, and after scanning us completed it is then send to evaluater in the form of PDF to make “On Screen Marking “ and physically answer scripts remain unmarked and untouched at all by the evaluator .it will called as Mass Scam in light of the acts committed by psc and wastage of time ,money and energy of candidates who were dreaming to be kas officers and for the sake of serving to society they left Scholarships ,Fellowships ,jobs and concentrated on studies but till date since 2013 psc has come up with only one list of officers while as 2016 batch is waiting for four years .             

                       JKPSC  Created mess and before conducting mains Exam of 2016 came up with new syllabus and new posts of KAS officers and further aggravated the situation by introducing CSAT that also in one go when selection has not been completed of 2016 and who have not gone through CSAT for appearing in prelims of 2018 ,the relatives of these people serving in PSC receive coaching from Delhi while preparing for UPSC exam called in layman language as IAS exam and CSAT has already been adopted in 2011 that even not in one go but in phased manner till 2014  .Commission led by Abdul Lateef U Zaman Deva is acting arbitrarily not as per constitutional provisions  .

Lateef Zaman deva is ruining career of lakhs of students as per the reports provided above and in the garb of claiming constitutional status to JKPSC he makes rules as per his pleasure and scraps accordingly. Moreover officers who are working in the commission are KAS at least, they have to follow impartiality and neutrality in public affairs, Khalid Majeed KAS who is presently controller exams need to act in neutral and impartial manner, Hon’ble judiciary is requested to take serious note of these public servants so as to increase efficiency and transparency ,moreover they must be made accountable and the matter of kas 2018 as well mains results of 2016 are Subjudice after the interview process of 2016 kas batch was stalled on 23rd of December 2018 after a Public Interest Litigation (PIL)  was filed by the aggrieved aspirants ,moreover those 963 must cooperate as investigations are on after Malafide  intention of PSC was noticed. The aspirants should also demand CBI probe and NIA enquiry to bring any mass scam to surface so that justice may be done.                                      J&k being disturbed state has witnessed only frauds and scam like that of Mushtaq Peer in MBBS and that of Hameed Dar who sold question papers to MBBS aspirants and MD candidates and both made their entry into jail .So as responsible citizens and aspirants we need to keep an eye on every affair of state to prevent Nepotism, favouritism and corruption from flourishing.                    We must be morally upright and ethically well prepared to fight every evil till its eradication and must sacrifice our today for our tomorrow to say bye to Anarchy, new despotism and barbarism so that society may feel a sigh of relief. 

(Author is RTI activist cum research scholar in public administration and columnist and can be reached at )