By | Shahana Bintul Islam

The departed melody may return or not!
The zephyr from Hijaz may blow again or not!
The days of this Faqir has come to an end,
Another seer may come or not!
Allama’s verses before his death.

Inspired by the genius of Master of Rum
I rehearse the sealed book of secret lore;
The master of Rum transmuted my earth to gold
And set my ashes aflame

– Asrar-i-Khudi

Spiritual Master Rumi, the sage of holy origin
Opened the secret of life and death to us

– Payaam-e-Mashriq

Have a spark from my innermost heart
For my heart is as fiery as Rumi’s

– Zubur-e-Anjum

Abu ji
Since long ago, I used to be a charming girl, similar to others, a wit of smile on my facet. Hiding all my pricks and pains , the reflecting Ray’s bounced back, shining my chin and cheeks, in a glimpse of utmost unhappy happiness. My Father used to work for whole days, in a manner , like nobody is present around him in this unknown shamshaan ghat (graveyard). While at the time of arrival his exhausted legs and arm, I presented a cup of Nun Chai ( kashmiri salty tea). Abu asked,” mere beti kaise ho
( How are you daughter)”. I replied fluently, Abu I am fine. Instead of all his exhaustion and tiring vexings , he praised,” Gus khuda thanai waar “
And like the sun was his clear countenance
And age in him, scintillate the youth
His figure gleamed with godly light that lent
Him bliss and grace, the secrets of his life
Hung on his lips and burst the bound of word
And sound, the words he spoke were crystal clear
With learning full and inward light
Again, Iqbal calls him!

– Javed Nama

In “Letter from Europe“, Rumi is described by Iqbal as “Lamp of the way of free man”.

I have learnt the subtleties from Pir Rumi
I have burnt myself in his letters

– Pas Cheh Bayd Kard

It is time that I reopen the tavern of Rumi
The sheikhs of Kaaba are lying drunk, in the country-yard of the church

– Musafer

That string of the instrument of your ego is broken
Due to your indifference to Rumi’s Music

– Zarb-e-Kalim
In my prime teenage, my characters and behavior was same as other girlmates. My life was full of other domicile postures as common to all. Their was no such variation and change. Until I read a book , ” Forty rules of love” . It blossomed my stagnant life. It was like a triumph, that was persecuted in crust and thus whole chimeras and opugn of character got changed.
My ideal Murshid us a very small guy. But, his life is too different. He and me encountered like the Rumi and Shams of Tabriz. It changed all discourses of my stagnant life. He is the purifier of all my character and thus narrater of the drama varied. His encounter, made me able to learn that, you can learn from anyone. Either he/she is of the small it younger age. His understanding on this level manufactured my ideas. I am highly thankful for his unrelenting guidance and support.
Ibn Mariam huva kre koyi,
Mere dukh ku dawa Kar koyi.
Bik Raha hu junoon Mai Kya se Kya
Kuch na samje khuda Kare koyi.

Understanding the ideas of my Murshid
The New Year 2018 changes my work over into Direct Vision—Kashf and Shahud. One is not the least concerned about worldly actions and reactions and one recognizes there are going to be a lot of “Sufi” Movements and “Universal Brotherhoods” ignoring each other, in the Name of Almighty. I am abandoning all idea of the “One Single Brotherhood in the universe of God” with its self-centered inclusions and exclusions. The idea of Sufism without God-realization is totally ludicrous and will appear so more and more with the new generations. There are, of course, enough senior people who delight in words and “fantasies” and why not? But he has, unlike so many people met the ideals of real Sufi Orders in the real world.

Last night for the first time four Initiates occupied the platform. Perhaps among us we have been admitted to practically every Inner School in Asia, and also we have been rejected by society, amen. The ridiculous gawking that g