Inside Kashmir is, & always will be, the epitome of journalism of courage

By Ishfaq Pirzada

I remember a quote from a famous Brazilian athlete Marta,
“Never give up, & be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all odds.”

During Indian freedom struggle, journalism of courage meant fighting the newspapers, journals & journalists who, at that time, were rich & apparently more powerful. They stood by the side of the Sahibs, who were in favour of the British oppression! Paid news was their bread & butter. Unbiased & impartial Newspapers & Journals always faced suspension of publication & censorship. Univolved & non-partisan type editorials & opinions hardly got a space. Yet, some newspapers, which are still known to be unbiased & impartial, survived. They, to some extent, helped clearing a serious blot on journalism.

Let’s talk about the journalism in Kashmir. A number of things resemble with those in the above discussed narrative! In Kashmir, it’s a very tough job to be a journalist. Journalism here is a double edged sword. Covering the news stories based on facts and publishing them is always a risk. Because, there are a number of facts to look out for. You may get booked. You may get summoned. And even you may get lynched. Getting disappeared is also a factor! Yet, there are a number of newspapers & journals, which are hitting stands with high fervor & are day by day making a mark. And some newspapers & journals are facing suspension of publication and censorship. Because, in former case, they stand by the Sahibs & in later case, they have differences with them!
The impartiality of this newspaper, Inside Kashmir, deserves a huge applause. I have been a regular reader of this newspaper since it’s incubation & Inception. News stories & the editorials always unbiased & factual. Anything exaggerated hardly gets published.
Syed Junaid and the team, including Irfan Lone, are worth the kuddos and due approbtion.
This newspaper, above all, hits the stands from my native district. And I’m sure that this Newspaper will be, some day in near future, known as one!
Only thing we have to keep an eye on is- let’s continue facing the facts. Let’s skip the exaggeration. Let’s be impartial & unbiased.
Inside Kashmir is the pride of Kupwara.
It’s, & will always be, the epitome of the journalism of courage!

Ishfaq Pirzada is a teacher in Govt BHSS warsun, Kupwara.