Every couple in this world waits anxiously for the sweet cry of their baby in the laps of each.A child is a gift so unique that words alone could not suffice to elucidate the fragrance and consolation that its arrival brings in the life.Concisely,a child bridges the gap between the two ends of life and thus makes a life complete in other sense.Those who are devoid of this refulgence would be living a life,all empty and of no taste.There often would be the emotional strain or in other words they would be dying little by little each moment they live.I pray may their prayers are answered and may they be blessed with this alluring hope of their tomorrow. Soon after the birth,parents naturally begin to plan about their child’s nice tomorrow.There comes the mighty responsibility that irrespective of the circumstances every couple of the world owns and oozes out their sweat day in and day out to give some better shape to their child’s dreams.This all is some thing that is governed by a natural law and almost that instinctive compassion drives all parents of the world to look alike on their children for a better tomorrow.Ethics,morals ,folk ways ,mores and the social ethos among the children is inculcated primarily by the parents or the family they live in.Latter comes the schooling where a child is expected to get trained,to me solely to understand the real value of his and his expected contribution towards the society.Each child is blessed with a unique mindset,mental inclination,aptitude,interests and the bent of mind.There is only the instinct that govern the child’s taste of behaving in the world,moral codes alone make of accountable and conscious about making difference between right and the wrong. Therefore a child is naturally devised to look after his field of interest soon the child is cognitively raised.There comes some freedom that every child owns and could use that to decide his future by his own.The field choosen could verily be at times at some places tough to overcome.But the parents and the teachers are precisely for that to help the child to overcome that hiccup.Each child has his own universe inside his eyes,where he if allowed could do miracles with love and joy.That will for sure help his soul to be at ease and exploring things will be a fun for him.Thereby the success would come as an out put of his contentment and reliability.Any constraint in this regard either by the parents or by the peers ,teachers or elders would trample over his dreams and finally a child is pushed in a square hole like a round peg.Where he never motivates to get fixed well and out of that we see a society full of mismanagement and misallocation.Where each moment turns disastrous and a teacher becomes doctor and a doctor becomes teacher.An Engineer becomes Academician and an academician becomes an administrator.Eventually,the society turns mad with all puzzle and enigmas around. We are witness to the race of turning our kids to be the toppers.We as parents kill their own dreams and their own talent.Artificially,we spend million bucks to induce in them the power to imitate other.If A” is an IAS officer,we brutally force our child to be like him and murder his own taste of living for which he was instinctively designed.This trend or a malady to me needs to be addressed and there is a need to create awareness  about it.That every child is blessed with a unique to capability to live on the earth.That is for sure something that we are losing  for our better tomorrow and this unjust forcible acceptance of a career brings in all chaos and nothing else.I hope this trend is given up and let our children be what they really are.