“ Education is the most powerful weapon that u can use to change the scenario of the whole world”

Literacy is the keyword for attaining progress in any sphere or situation and therefore it is vital for everyone especially women to be educated. A housewife is more than an individual. She is actually an institution. She has to play a variety of roles and successfully run the household., the family and fulfill other responsibilities. She must be literate. Indeed her role is getting more and more complex and she had to face newer challenges everyday. More so in today’s scenario, when technological advancement are moving at a greater speed and the awareness level of the present generation is sky high, she shall find it difficult even to communicate if she is not educated and well aware of the happenings around her. A housewife must not only be educated but it is also mandatory for her to have functional literacy to manage, interact and understood complexities of modern life.

           An educated can provide a better quality of life to her family. She can make better use of the family resources. She can manage health, disease immunization and growth programme of the family and herself in a better and skillful manner. Rest of the family can relax while so many odd jobs can be taken easily by her……………….. 
         An educated housewife can have better view of things regarding family related matters. Her suggestions and guidance are more valuable. She has better crisis management skills. An educated housewife can have a better understanding within the family. As an educated mother, she can provide tution and solve  many problems of children. A housewife who is well educated and self sufficient feel secure and comfortable. An educated housewife can skillfully make use of her spare time, as it is she who has better time management skills. At the end “The hand that rocks the cardle rules the world:”, but that kind of empowerment only education can provide.                                              Author is BA 2nd year Student at BEMINA COLLEGE