The political ambience in jammu and kashmir right now is inebriated with the spicy political developments.we as a people of this land are witnessing this mockery since the inception of this dispute.Political class has become enough brutal in its efforts to deceive the common people one way or the other.Among the different stakeholders,to me no one is an exception.All these political scorpions have a history of cheating annexed on their backs which unfortunately each time the public so normal and common is not able to perceive.Be it some body articulating for the so called good liberation of this land or be it some body vehemently crying for the rights and development of the people.Beneath the feet,there is a frivolous ground and in their policies there is nothing conducive to the demand of the time.Because of this political vacuum which is a product of reticence adopted by the conscious class because of some definite reason unknown yet.There are many people so cheap in their politics who claim big at the time they happen to feel the need of getting the support in form of votes to get over that dirty chair of power.The claim of helping us in procuring the freedom,some say autonomy ,some self rule ,some say the change and some say annexation with other side of the fence.This superfluous race for power alone has made a common Kashmir to be on the horns of a dilemma.Where a common man would prefer to remain,an equally unpleasant situation for a man in the street.If a common kashmiri would prefer to be with those who r the hard-core and deemed to be the loyalists of other side of the fence,The change seekers,brutal india and the autonomy ,self rule begins to kill him at any cost.The life is made a hell and finally it is given up to fill a little space in the nearby graveyard.Again,if a common man decides to be with the change seekers,autonomy or with the self rule ,the hard-core loyalists went against and tag him anti sentimental,anti freedom.All curse is showered on him ,finally either death or the devastation turns to be his ultimate fate.One single option is still left,that is to be with no body,people brand him either a part of agency or a dead wood not worth living.By this way a common mans life is a sore that does not heal at all.Keeping the dispute aside,a man in the street would love and feel relaxed at least if the routine work goes on smoothly.The red tape in the govt offices is so intricate that bureaucratic arrogance has trampled over the common mans desire.Corruption is touching the dizzy heights ,only the poor are being more persecuted ,brutally tortured and the elite ,the noble and the political class is enjoying this dispute.Big posts are reserved for the kiths and kins of the political giants.Common young man has been taught to cry out of assistance before the mercy less judiciary to kill the time and expire his days.In that well planned conspiracy all deserving loose their term and the back door people enjoy the state coffers.In that manner,the policy of our political class is to keep the general masses ignorant of the reality.The young men through several tricks are emotionally hijacked to make them the dumb.The intellectual class is tortured under coercion they are supposed to be silent and their silence is giving the space to the cunning to rule the masses unconditionally.Elections have  been made a tool to deceive the world and mostly those who are the participants in the making of rulers.Evasions are at the roof and people are often kept at the other side of the reality.The blurred vision is created so as to let the feel that there is no point to live other than the fighting with a neighbour and then getting a phone call in your favour in the concerned police station.Elections are merely to get an extra kg of rice or the sugar from the concerned store keeper on the pretext that you belong to the ruling party.What the hell,is the manifesto of our political class.Shit to this dirty ideology where the dispute has been made a business to earn the livelihood and to secure the life of ones children.Kashmir is verily on horns of a dilemma.A common kashmiri is in no way a blind labour.A common man is all cursed to  become a part of this mess.It is a snare where a man in the street has been held hostage but even the mind is tortured to admit that real freedom lies in the bondage.Because common man is the industry of the political class and political class is the blood sucker of the common man.I implore the intellectual class ,for how long the rowdy would rule the real people.Time is ripe to break your sleep and politics is not any body’s legacy ,it is an attribute of the wise people. There is no point to think out of box.To end the problem the business needs to be stopped at first.A word to the wise .An idea dies not need a heap of junk ,a little sequin is enough to get the way.