Residents ‘ratiocinate’ the activity of District Administration.

Cleaning roads from snow to call on meeting to review the ability of administration, nothing has changed for Kupwara. 
Electricity has been playing ‘hide and seek’, people who rely on water schemes ask District Administration what is more important for you then giving relief to the public?

“It’s enough now, some pro-administration persons on social media praise District Administration actions after heavy snowfall which lasted for few hours. This drama of praise, the laugh of King and his flatterer should stop and they should show something in practice. We are not fools, we have been ratiocinating every activity of Administration.  The real issues are water and electricity, people are facing hardships and no one in the administration is ready to leave their warm beds to show some credible evidence of the ability to resolve the issues faced by commoners.
We have been witnessing two schedules of electricity one which is on papers and another in practice, both have a huge contradiction. We hardly see electricity in our homes for 2 hours in a day. Let me be clear, nothing has changed for us, we are used this ‘phoney’ claims of Administration,” said a local resident, Rizwan Rasheed. 

The local residents are questioning on the solidity of administration’s tall claims as one of the resident Bhat Fayaz said that there is a serious problem with the people who are at the helm of affairs. 
” I am justifying them as lost in their own lives, it’s so easy to say that everything is fine and we are ready for any catastrophic situation then showing something on the ground. Look at what is happening in PHE service, people are without water from days because of blockage in service pipes and we are tired now calling officials who are not being held accountable for the mess. I am straight on this if political parties were in power today everyone on social media and roads would have been yelling at them, but now see the silence across the board. This is total hypocrisy no one is protesting in front of DC office and asking ‘head to head’ to D.C Kupwara about this havoc.”

Meanwhile, the snow mayhem has caused massive waterlogging in town. According to our Town Correspondent, the road network inside town namely Bye-pass, Iqbal Market, Jamia Masjid Road and streets like Babar lane, Azad Gali, hijaj Market Faisal Market, Dar Gali and  Regipora chowk, Old chowk are underwater melted from snow.  The waterlogging is giving a tough time to commuters and vehicles.  Amid all the Chaos people of the town are finding it very difficult to come out of homes.  
The snow which was cleaned from the roads has been placed on the sidewalks which have not only restricted the commuters walking on them but also blocked the water from drain out of the surface.

The administration is looking as a silent spectator of all the situation and locals have been put on God’s mercy.

This story was published earlier in our newspaper we have updated it with more accuracy