Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, Skills, habits, values,beliefs etc. Education is fundamental to human progress. It plays a prominent role in all round development of an individual as well as the society. Education plays a key role in creating patriotic, disciplined, and productive man power. Education brings about an inherent and permanent change in a persons thinking and capacity to do things. It develops in anindividual a perspective of looking at life. According to Nelson Mandela,” Education is a powerful weapon by which we can change the world”.
 Our Education system is quite different from that of other nations. The curriculum in the Western countries is known to be quite light and based on practical knowledge. Unfortunately our education system runs totally contrary to it and it does more harm than good to young minds.
 Our education system has lots of cons than pros, which is not a good sign. In Kashmir, the main focus is on theoretical knowledge.The theory is taught by teachers round the year, and the labs are ignored. The need to impart practical knowledge is not felt even it is highly essential. I would like to end this para with a funny anecdote. Mr. X had Masters Degree in a Automobile Engineering and worked on a high post in a reputed organization.One day on his high way to office, his car stopped working and he got off to investigate the problem. With his high qualification and expertise in the area, he examined each part of his car carefully, but couldn’t find any fault. After a while, a peasant who was passing asked him, what’s the matter? He answered,” Well, something is wrong with the car”. The peasant replied,” Did you check the tank? Perhaps there is no petrol. The peasant was right.This is what might happen when theoretical knowledge is not supported by practical knowledge.

The biggest nuisance in Kashmir is that the student is measured with his or her grades and percentage. The bitter truth is that the students who fetch good grades and ranks are given importance, while as those who possess real talent but fetch slender amount of marks are considered dull, which is totally injustice. In the race of fetching good grades, the students mug up the chapters. The society which include teachers and parents are interested at the good grades of student, instead of their creative side. Moreover students are asked to stick to their Curriculum in order to get good marks. At the age when students should be given chance to explore their interests and sharpen their creative side, they are pressurized to follow a set of curriculum and work hard day in and day out, with a sole aim of attaining good grades.

Instead of making students understand various concepts of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other subjects, so that they can use them at different stages in life. The emphasis is on blindly learning the chapters, whether or not the chapter are comprehended comprehensively. By the time of examination, the style of question papers set by our respective bodies are purely based on theoretical knowledge. Such a style of question papers also enforces the students to remain stick to the theoretical knowledge only. So collectively we are pushing the children towards the wrong direction. The respected bodies need to change the style of question papers. The paper must be more that of critical thinking than theoretical.Automatically, this will change the students mindset of approaching towards the things.
The sole aim of our education system is to impart knowledge, that too theoretical. Apart from this extra co-circular activities are of utmost importance, but seldom such activities are conducted in our institutions.Education helps develop a balance between a sound mind and healthy body. We all have grown up hearing,” A healthy body houses a healthy mind”, but how one can achieve a healthy body while only achieving excellence in academics?

So , For the change we need to think out of the box. It’s the time to stop putting so much importance to marks. Talent can’t be measured by marks, so we need to have a different measurement system which can measure the talent, skills and potential of the student. We need to focus on skill development. The creative , analytical, problem solving skills of student need to be enhanced. If you give man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him a skill how to catch a fish you feed him lifetime. I think skill education is the need of the hour.Practical knowledge need to be imparted. For this labs need to be well equipped not for mere ostentation but for the lab work. Practical knowledge is important for thorough understanding of any subject. A Chinese proverb aptly speaks, Teach me, I will forget, show me I might remember, involve me and I will never forget. To a very great extent, the theoretical knowledge is enhanced when practical work related to the content is taught and done.Besides this the curriculum of our schools and colleges is the same since decades. It is the time to change it as per changing times so that students learn things more relevant to their times. The education system of our statemust look beyond academics, sports, arts and other activities must also be given importance to ensure the all round development of students. Moreover the moral education need to be compulsory part of curriculum. Good teaching staff must be hired for nurturing of the young minds. Books need to be reviewed. Smart classes need to be installed for better and thorough understanding of intricate concepts. Moreover when technology is integrated into lessons, students are expected to be more interested in the subject they are studying.

In a conflict area like Kashmir, students suffer the most. The continuing conflict has affected our education system badly. The rich and well-to- do ofthe state conveniently send their children to prestigious schools abroad, but the remaining has no option but to suffer. So the people who are at the helm and think tanks must understand that our education system requires a serious reforms. There is a tremendous need to change this system to ensure proper development of our young generation

Author is Pursuing BE Civil at SSM college of Engineering &Technology