Kashmir issue is not indigent of its introduction in the subcontinent in particular and across the borders of the world in general.It is an enigma that the whole world is aware of.Whether it is an artificially created puzzle or it is something like that of an inevitable business.It is albeit debatable and thus requires your endurance to hold the horses for a while.There would be many who are driven by the emotions alone who may stand against my concept of calling this issue a “contrived artificially made puzzle” of which it seems impossible to get a solution.The genesis of the problem as history bears the witness begins from an agreement though transitory in nature post Indian independence with the union of India.India claims that j& k is an integral part of India and On the other hand Pakistan claims Kashmir to be its jugular vein.Both the two nations are trying hard to support their claim through several arguments all based on the contrived illogical policies.The fact is after partion of India the rivalry began to flourish between the two nations on different issues as expected after the partition one home into several fragments.The gamble continued since the partition of india and jammu and kashmir has been made a deliberate hell hole for the ulterior motives alone. There is no need to fumble the pages of history to take this issue out in the lime light,because this may be the only issue of the world which has gobbled up some million lives and has gloated down ,a good deal of time,wealth,life,and the honour of Kashmir people.The heap of sacrifices we have given would possibly be a by word for the generations to come. The horrific scenes ever witnessed by any human would have had been seen only in Kashmir since the inception of this bloody business.I call this a contrived enigma and a business ,for sure there is a reason which i can use to bat for my point.I have never seen anybody in the politics of world having ever said being against the dignity of life,peace and tranquillity among the people in the world.Even Hitler,Mussolini and Napoleon were not the open oppressors of the peace.For certain reason ,they too had talked sense at times and called off their strikes for power.But Why Kashmir is made to seek the secrets of life under the rubble every day.The loss is recognised and that too after condemning it, the game goes on in the same old fashion already in place for long long years.For the Indian politicians ,and ours as well,it is a tenacious long lasting manifesto which they use to collect the votes in its name and coming in power alone on its basis there by making fool of people every day they could.The deal comes up at different occasions with different parties,the money comes and money goes but the people of Kashmir again in the lap of that sad panda as usual from decades.This issue is a golden hen for  the hero’s of deceit who have mastered the art of absolving their flaws and quite well mastered the art of using dead bodies as a stair case for them to come into power.The rule of nature applies ,come what may, at the end of day.Life provides chance to everybody ,it is only a matter of endurance.The current situation between the two nations India and Pakistan had been so horrific for a couple of days but time has always showed us that even during the times of darkness,a ray of light can pierce into and the hope is illuminated for the life ahead.The same thing happened,it was again that earlier trick to win the elections.It was again to play with the blood,drawing the graph for victory to rule the idiocy for a one more term.This time we were enough lucky,the other side had a strong logic in place and power is in the hands of a man with mission.Had it been that age old room for the cat to swag,it would have had a huge catastrophe for us in particular and for the rest of world as well.The response given was so nice that only a real statesman can give and more alluring was that gesture of peace in ripe time and in the right place.I think a new change has arisen in the whole portrait of Kashmir issue ,it was then a big business between the two,thus a contrived one, but it has now been remained a tail of the cat in a loose hand.The cat will not stop the dancing and hope fully one day in near future it will become lopsided and thus the game will over once for all.The concealed diplomatic attempt in that gesture had been so fast though but the intention is possibly to bring in peace for the people who have never had tasted it ,how yummy the peace could be not even knowing that.I Think it was an issue like between devil and the deep sea,the deep sea has shrunken enough and the devil is now not more adverse to bow before the truth.Hope this issue is solved and hope peace is given a chance to flourish.Lets make merry for the reason that at least for everybody in politics ,winning the seat is not the point,it is winning the hearts and giving humanity a chance to win. By Showkat Sehrab