Under The Banner Of Welfare Forum Karnah

Adil ishaq

The current Embarresing situation of the world in the context of increasing conflicts and crime rate has let down the mankind. Following this tumbled down condition all round the globe has poked the sensible people on the earth to come out for the rescue of downtrodden souls. Mostly it has been observed that the victims of varrying incidents like natural disaster, terror attacks, fire incidents, road accidents become helpless for the future survival.

To rescue such victims from being affected, from getting ruined, the society needs to turn to be a bit socialised in ideology. And here it comes mostly the youths of a country to do this job. Nowadays Serving humanity has become a priority of many youths of the Country. Starting welfare organisations at their own and letting contribute from their own purses is a sign of a well being society..We are witnessing thousands of such welfare organisations across the country which are at the whelm of doing social work. People have passion to do this noble job voluntarily.

Kashmir being in conflict for a long time has given birth to many youths who are passionate of doing social work. Kashmir is such a sacred place where in every corner we see such kind of organisations being operative. However they have different platforms but have similar ideology and motive..Since the social working is spread to almost all the corners of Kashmir, In this aspect within the Kashmir there is a small Hamlet we call it Karnah which remains disconnected from the main valley for three to four months

during winters due to heavy snowfall on Sadhna Top… This valley has given birth to many intellectuals and highly qualified people. Serving humanity is hereditary to the people of this region. From the past, the society is witnessing many social workers who have indulged themselves in the great great cause of social working at their level..

Since this region remains disconnected from the rest of the Kashmir during winters due to Sadhna Top, In this aspect the
Sadhna(the death trap) has become the headache for the people of Karnah since the independence. Before the independence people avoid travelling this side of Kashmir during winters and prefer to travel towarda Muzafarabad for all kind of transactions. But after the independence senario changed and people had to travel now across Sadhna Gali even during winters. Now as the population in Karnah is increasing, contacts of the masses with the rest of the Kashmir is getting maximise, this has increased rush on this Sadhna road.. due to increasing rush on the road, we have witnessed many accidents on the road. And hence we have lost many precious lives so far. The same kind of accident we have witnessed on 30th of October 2017, when the two young souls(Late Iftikhar Hussain Shah and Khadam Hussain Shah) of the Valley lost their life at Sadhna Top while travelling from Kupwara to Karnah. Iftikhar left behind his 2 years daughter and Khadim Hussain left behind his 2 kids

. The deceased Iftikhar Hussain Shah was really a good and kind hearted guy. He had a friendly nature and had a great friend circle and was very Influential guy as far his social life was concerned. We can say,his death was in fact a turning point for our society to prove that our society is inherent of socialism. Serving humanity is running in the blood of the inhabitants of Karnah.
Some young spirits of Karnah Valley and close friend of late Iftikhar Hussian Shah were in great shock after that accident but what can be done in front of nature And it’s decision.. But now on humanity basis,They decided to financially assist the family of both the deceased person. They collected an amount of some two lac rupees and deposited in the banks on the name of their kids of the deceased person. However Financial assistance couldn’t bring the fathers of the kids back but they were encouraged for the future survival and made their family realise that the humanity do exist in the present world. This step definetly gave the guys the immense pleasure about their work and Publically they were appreciated a lot for doing this great job of social work. The matter didn’t end here. The guys who worked for the above mentioned praise worthy work did not stopped here, they decided to work even more for such victimised and poor families. A new concept and a new platform for social work has been brought in the society by the guys under the tag of Welfare Forum Karnah. The apex members of the group or we can say the Founding Fathers of the group called for a meeting right after giving the name to the group, in which all stake holders of the society viz social workers and employees of various departments took part and got inspired by the concept and objectives of the forum. Before this many such kind of organisations and welfare groups came into being in this small valley but not worked because at the end they got affiliated with the political parties. But the WFK has brought the people of all ideologies, views, political inclinations and interest on a single platform beacaue of being apolitical even after achieving such great heights . The apex members of the WFK(Mir Kazim, Mushtaq Haider, Mohammad Kazafi, Aftab Khawaja, Anzir Qureshi, Arshad Chowhan, Mir Mushtaq, Asim Awan, Qazi Mudasir, Sajad Malik, Sajid Ahamd Khan and Iftikhar Ahmad) has brought this social platform into being. The reason behind to mention their names is to aware The masses that these people have different professions and are differently politically inclinated but are on a same platform just to give a message that nothing is more important than The humanity and social work. Time to time the forum has broaden its objectives from assiting the fire victims to help in education matters to the needies. The forum has collected lacs of rupees from various stake holders of the society and utilised that amount in a well mannered and transparent way. Many patients, and victims households of fire incidents, have been financially assisted by the forum so far. So far 10+ number of fire victims covered with financial assistance,20+ patients have been assisted in monetary term which is amounted in lacs of rupees, many poor family students have been granted monetary benefit for studies and many other cases have been taken. The data is available on the site of WFK viz www.wfk.in.net

Developing a website indicates the transparency in the forum.

As we all know tha the Forum is getting familiar in the society, hence the benefecaries of financial assistance are increasing day by day. But unfortunately the revenue collection is very low and insuffuficient, and hence the required number of benefacaries can’t be covered and thus financially assisted. So the people of the Valley are requested to make contribution in any term you can and as much much as you Can, so the process of social work by the forum can be continued for future..

Being social means Being Humans…