By | Faheem ul Haq.

War for peace is a phrase that seems quite fascinating in its writing structure but in the pragmatic 
situation, this phrase has consequences that are very different from the beauty that it bears in its structure. I ask myself every day, is peace worth the war? Is peace worth the lives that are lost during the pursuit of peace? Being a Kashmiri and raised in the mid-south; almost a war zone from a decade now, I need answers for all these questions.Pulwama; my native place, not a 
single day passes without bloodshed. Either it is the rebels or the civilians who lose their lives to 
the oppression of occupational forces. The peace in the south is thinning at a very fast rate. With 
this magnitude of rebellion and clash of armed powers the atmosphere for a civil war is 
incubating. The consequences of civil war are known to everyone and are evident from the 
present situation of the entire middle East especially Iraq and Syria. Apart from this pulwama has 
such a geographic location that would further enhance the impact of the civil war. All the routes 
that connect rest of India with the Kashmir pass through Pulwama. If by any chance this 
district falls in the hands of a rebellion group, the forces in central and the north Kashmir will be 
cut short of essential supplies and thereby making it cakewalk for India’s rival neighbor 
Pakistan to walk into the IOK. This may lead to a fierce clash of two nuclear powers and in 
worst case scenario may lead to a world war. 
To understand the adversities of the war let us analyze the ten years war also known as the 
GREAT WAR which was  Cuba’s fight for independence from Spain. It started in 1868 and 
ended in 1878. The strength of Cuban rebels was 12000 armed with 40000 unarmed supporters. 
The Kingdom of Spain was opposing with a strength of 166228 fully equipped soldiers. 
During the course the  war the casualties figures were very large, numbering from 50000 rebels, 
100000 civilians,81097 soldiers, 3240 marines, 1758 sailors and 5000 Cuban volunteers losing 
their lives for a reasonable result. 
But what was the result at the end of ten years. The result was Ante Belum Pact of Zanjon. The 
pact between rebels and the kingdom of Spain carried the fact that “ the end of hostilities did not 
represent a military victory for either side, but recognition by both sides of their mutual 
exhaustion”. Had this been done earlier 241095 human deaths could have been avoided. War 
fatigue is a truth. If war would have been the solution to anything, the superpower like America 
would not have felt war fatigue in Afghanistan. 
The intricacies of the Kashmir conflict if neglected by the war analysts of the subcontinent may 
lead to a crisis in near future. Every step be it a leap or a baby step that is taken towards the 
peace restoration in the valley counts for the stability of a larger political system. The best way to 
end the conflict once and for all is to involve the people of kashmir actively in the peace 
restoration committees formed by the two nations. For the greater good of both the nations and 
for the people of kashmir,India and Pakistan need to come to a unified platform and avoid further 
damage and destruction.

(Author is an engineering graduate)