By | Peerzada Mumin

The time when mainstream politics has almost lost its space in Kashmir valley. The leaders don’t dare to do open public meetings and address to their people. There is only a single person among these to have the courage to go anywhere and do speeches in open without any security cover. This leader has maintained the relevance of mainstream politics among masses. When others need a “lively” courage to face people, Er Rashid finds no problem to go anywhere not only in the day but nights too.

This unnoticed popular leader got no mention in newspaper reports or other media outlets. The only source of his campaigning and popularity was his Facebook page from where he would address people.
Among the contesting candidates in recently held Lok Sabha elections, he was no way a challenger.
The contesting candidates from Baramulla underestimated him. They have no idea of his popularity. But in the end, he surprised one and all.

In a short period of campaigning, Rashid travelling all across the constituency to woo voters. He has a record of the successful legislator. Being two times MLA from language. He is considered hardworking and fulfilling aspirations of local people. This made him popular and masses noticed his courageous nature, so voted for him. He made a sudden jump from 22000 votes to 1,0000 votes from 2014 to 2019 general elections. He was leading from 05 Assembly constituencies including Uri native place of PC candidate Raja Aijaz , this lead would help him-in upcoming Assembly pools.

Known for his outspoken nature, Er Rashid would often protest and speak about HR violations in the state. He was arrested many times during his protest rallies even when he was legislator of state assembly. Always standing by his people Er Rashid is a strong advocate of peaceful solution of Kashmir issue through triangular dialogue between India, Pakistan and kashmiris. Er Rashid also believes in holding a referendum for the solution. Unlike mainstream leaders Er speaks his heart open always.

Rashid is also popular for his “simplicity” which is otherwise called his “drama bazi” by many. Always wearing a Phearan, makes him a catchy personality. It is believed that this type of separatist costume was worn by many politicians here to get space, after getting a comfortable field, they took U turn. It is to be seen now, how camel sits.
Now, when people have rejected dynastic political parties. There is a dire need of an alternative in the mainstream. Shah Faesal and Er Rashid have made debut now. It is to be seen how effectively can replace them. Let’s wait and watch.

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