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4-inch-long knife removed from Chinese man’s head 26 yrs after he was stabbed

A four-inch-long knife has been removed from a man’s head in China’s Shandong province 26 years after he was stabbed. The man, identified as Duorijie, approached doctors in 2012 after developing several symptoms, including headache, loss of vision in his right eye and near-full paralysis in his left arm and leg. Duorijie underwent two procedures to get the knife removed.

“During the two-hour surgery, surgeons removed the rusty 10-centimeter (4-inch) blade. On April 8, he underwent a second operation to clean his wound. He’s recovering well and can already walk around on his own. His head pains are gone, and he has regained full sight in his right eye. He can also open his mouth and no longer coughs,” said Zhang Shuxiang, one of the doctors who found the man.

Source: Times Now