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Aabid Hussain Lone hailing from Gugloosa area of Kupwara released his debut book titled as ‘Rang Ishq Kay’.

A B.Sc graduate and currently perusing his Masters in English. Aabid is working as a teacher in a private school from last four years. He has been writing since his eight standards and has composed the book comprising of love for the prophet (PBUH), love for native land (Kashmir), love for creator and love for beloved ones close to heart.
It also highlights the social evils like dowry, poverty and struggle of Kashmiri people and shows how kashimiris have been facing the drasticities, how the voice have been squeezed from decades. Aabid has a deep love for Urdu literature since his early childhood, its the passion that pressed on him to compile his book, with the help of Zakir Malik author of ‘The Wail of the Woods’ and ‘The Sail of Memories’, his support and guidance is something, I can’t forget or ignore. I dedicate my book to my late father, my lovely mother and my siblings.
Its never easy to come up to write a book, and then to get published, but if one has good mentor, proper guide and ultimate passion to write, the nothing can stop anyone from writing, not even the troubles have the power then to stop you.

The book ‘Rang Ishaq Ke’ has multiple themes from love of land to love for partner and the struggles faced through life.
” I have put my emotions, struggles and love to frame this book”
says Aabid Lone. Its for every type of reader, not just the single sect, for all it can work well. It took me a lot of time to compile the poetry, but after seeing the youth publishing their books that helped me out finish it finally. At last I would like to thank my friend and guide Zakir Malik, and my family members especially for supporting me in this noble journey.