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Ab Ahad Bhat Hami, Mellifluous poet of Lolab

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Asif Iqbal

Lolab valley is one of the most gorgeous valley enclosed with lush green forests and mountains all around. Nature has been very kind to this valley. Gushing waterfalls, green meadows & open fields, added the beauty of Lolab. The frontier district of Northern Kashmir’s. Lolab valley has not been given attention & significance, hence the space of development remained very slow and insufficient. The valley is not only famous because of its natural beauty but it has given birth to many renowned scholars, one among is Molana Anwar shahi Kashmiri RA, born and brought up in same valley later migrated to Deoband in search of knowledge and got settled there .Allama Iqbal RA has expressed in his first visit to lolab.

Abul Ahad Bhat Hami is also known as one of famous poet. Hami was a teacher by profession, and a poet too. Recently he has written Holy Quran including 560 pages in his unique style.

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Brief Introduction of Hami: Ab Ahad Bhat was born 23rd May, 1948 at cheerkote lolab which is few kilometres away from district headquarter kupwara. His father was a ponyman by profession and was living in a miserable condition nevertheless he admitted his son in a primary school to get his basic education. After passing primary classes Hami went to Government High school Khumeriyal and passed his 10th class with good marks in 1965. 1966 Hami was appointed in a department of education as a teacher. Hami continued his higher education through distance mood while doing BA & B ed 1975& 1978 accordingly. He got promoted from teacher to master grade in 1993 and eventually retired on 31 May, 2006 from the department of education. Hami is a fan of Iqbal RA and had memorised dozens of poems at his early age and started his journey of writing around 1964. Before Hami, he was writing his pen name ‘tanha’ .Keeping few reasons in mind he changed his pen name from ‘tanha’ to ‘hami’. Hami is writing both in Kashmiri & Urdu languages and sometimes in English as well. ORPHAN is one of the popular poem of Hami.

God least causes for things; Death causes to poor & kings

Then why to cry & mourn

Both Death and riches have wings

Hami is associated with cultural forum Kupwara, Shahjar Adb lolab and have participated in several cultural programmes so far organised by Radio Kashmir Srinagar. He has written number of poems and essays but has not published any one. In his writings he follows the path of Galib, one of the renowned poet in a world of poetry. After his superannuation he started a noble job of writing holy Quran in his own hand writing which he completed in March 2011. Due to many ups & downs he didn’t get any exposure and opportunity to express the talent at state level. The beloved daughter of Hami passed away before two years and that shocked Hami far & wide, “Book and pen are my lifelong friends” Hami said in an interview with inside Kashmir.

Hand written Quranic verses of surah Al Aaraf chapter no 9.

Hami is the man of magnanimity and meek, fraternity and brotherhood, honesty and truthfulness.