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Accustomed to lockdown

Dar Azhar

After the abrogation of article 370 and 35A on 5th August 2019, Kashmir has witnessed protracted lockdown without access to internet and mobile phone services, which were resumed in intervals during the lockdown. Although 2g internet services were resumed after more than 6 months of the long gap, 4g services continue to remain suspended. As the lockdown took place in harvesting season, fruit growers got badly hit. Moreover, the educational system also got badly affected during the turmoil, as all educational institutions remained thoroughly shut. During the lockdown, most of the separatist leaders and other prominent political leader were arrested under public safety act (PSA), including 3 former CMs, Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and Mahbooba mufti, along with Shah faesal were detained. After eight months of detention of NC leader Omar Abdullah and 7 and a half months detention to Farooq Abdullah, they were released.
After the govt. started lifting the protracted lockdown and restrictions in a phased manner, serenely the normal life returned in the valley. Nearly after seven months, educational institutions begin to reopen and students from here and there started going to their schools. But regrettably, when people started coping to recover the loss, they got trapped by Precipitous outbreak of dreadful pandemic COVID-19, that had already spread in China and shaken the whole world by its flu. However the cases remained continued to Proliferate on a global level, many countries imposed the nationwide lockdown including India. At present, there are 11439 cases and  377 deaths in India.
For the whole nation, Lockdown could be a new experience to deal with, but Kashmir is accustomed to such lockdowns.  Govt. Is taking all the possible measures to Ameliorate in the safety of people from this  Catastrophic disease, which had brought a serious impediment in the lives of people.
Initiatives are being taken by the state CM’s as well as by the PM of India by launching relief funds to combat COVID-19. Nevertheless, during the lockdown in Kashmir after the removal of special status, no such measures by the regime were taken for the safeguard of people. Even sweets were distributed after the removal of special status, which has integrated the whole Nation. But from the other side people in Kashmir were put under lockdown. No organization, no regime took the initiative for the relief fund, in order to make people suffer less.
Now it’s Nationwide lockdown, people are voluntarily taking initiatives to help j&k police in accomplishing this lockdown and in spreading awareness about preventive measures and social distancing.