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Anderhama Kupwara decleared as Red zone Deputy Commissioner kupwara


Containment and management of COVID-19(Coronavirus)-declaration of Red Zones thereof.
Ministry of Home Afairs, GOI, Order No.40-03/2020-DMI(A) dated:24- 03-2020., the below mentioned Panchayats earlier in Buffer Zone are hereby included in Red Zone Anderhama and consequently there shall be no inward or outward movement of any person(s) from these Panchvats and the people shall stay indoors strictly. However the rest of instructions shall remain the same .

  1. Panchyat Halqa Drugmulla- A
  2. Panchyat Halqa Drugmulla- B (Only Ward No.2.3,4,9 )
  3. Panchyat Halqa Drugmulla- C Panchyat Halqa Drugmulla- D
    Tehsildar and SHO Concemed shall ensure barricading at all the 4 identified entry points to the Red Zone to prevent inward and outward movement without valid pass issued by Addl Deputy Commissioner Kupwara and fumigation of Vehicles of other essential services departments allowed to enter for Public Service delivery.
    Chief Medical Officer shall deploy an additional Mobile Medical Unit to cater to any medical exigency in addition the Unit already deployed for Red Zone.
    . Two (2) additional surveillance teams shall be deployed to cover all households in the Red Zone through door to door screening in the next four days.
    An Additional fumigation team shall be engaged by the Administrator, to ensure fumigation of the entire area on a regular basis on a regular basis. Any person/group/organization found involved in breach of this order shall be booked under relevant laws.