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Arguing, defending with logics

Peerzada Mumin

These days the influence of social media has a deep influence on one’s senses. Gets information about happenings around to shaping public opinion on any issue. All this has major impact of social media. Whatever we are shown and served on microblogging sites get deep rooted in us.           

With time it has become a necessity to get the things right and not get befooled or misguided over any issue, event or incident which might be of grave importance.         

  One thing that I quite observe is the kind of reaction or language used by our youngesters while discussing or putting before their view on any issue is hurting . Whenever an issue arises the first reaction is seen from young people, because they don’t go deep in background of issue but put an opinion before which many times is not only harsh but also rude . Being abusive takes one to nowhere . One should ever have control on nerves. Being abusive reflects ones personality.        The thing that is important is to argue with logics . One an issue ,if one has strong knowledge ,then one should not hesitate to argue . Otherwise it is better to zip your lips. Resorting to bad language is worst part of ones personality.       

Whenever, one argues with logic the opposite person might agree you. It is very possible that he may drop his argument and second you for what you stand for.  This is my personal observation many a times that defending or arguing with logics won you. If not earlier but at the end of the day you are the winner.          One should learn from think tanks and  opinion makers . How they shape the public opinion and people in millions follow their path. Whatever they say are want people to do is backed is strong logic. That’s what make them successful in getting their plans get go.         

  So one should ever keep cool and respect the opinion of others. It is not always possible that you are right . If the other person is right , appriciate his opinion . That’s what makes one great.