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Army organizes debate competition in Uri, terms children “harbinger” of change

Nadeem Khawaja Uri

Uri, Jan 20 (IK): Army’s Kalapahar Brigade on Wednesday organized a debate competition under different topics in order to encourage youth.

Terming the children nations “future” and “harbingers” of change, army official told KNS that in order to encourage the youth of Uri to develop alternate thought process about relevant and progressive topics, a debate competition was organized at Kalapahar Brigade Audotorium by the Army.

He said the debate was held on several topics which include ‘New Education Policy: Will it prepare Indian youth for 21st Century’, ‘Is climate change is already irreversible’ and ‘Does social media makes people less socially active’.

“The participants were students of Government School Bijhama, Government School Mohura, and Army Goodwill School, Uri. The depth of knowledge and eloquence of the young speakers was a pleasant surprise for the audience. The discourse was of high quality and passion of the students was visible to all”, he said and added the Army hope that these opportunities provide a spring board for these young academicians to progress towards promising career which will contribute towards to society and the nation building.

At the occasion the winner under ‘New Education Policy: Will it prep Indian youth for 21st Century’ include Adil of Government School Bijhema followed by Noman (Government School Mahura), Munib (Government School Mahura) and Rayees (Government School Bijhama). While under subject ‘Is climate change is already irreversible’, the winners include Labeeta (Army Goodwill School Uri) followed by Sana (Army Goodwill School Uri), Nandi (Army Goodwill School Uri) and Gungun (Army Goodwill School Uri ).

The official added that under topic ‘Does social media makes people less socially active’, the winners include Kumkum (Army Goodwill School Uri) followed by Aataria (Army Goodwill School Uri), Samreen (Army Goodwill School Uri) and Jabeena (Army Goodwill School Uri).(IK)