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Baramulla youth publishes debut book on ‘love and conflict’

Peerzada Mumin

Baramulla: Yanus Nazir, a 24-year-old youth from North Kashmir’s Baramulla has penned his debut book namely ” Stars do not shine under the shadow of conflict ” . Yanus , a resident of Watergam Bla after passing BCA has worked as freelancer digital marketer, a content writer. He has also worked in multiple IT Firms.

About the book , the writer says ” the book is being portrayed as a love story but the message conveyed through this story is heartbreaking and the events mentioned in the book are based on the reality of what has seen or heard from  people who lived in the 90s”

Having spent many years outside Kashmir.Yanus wants to convey the message that in order to support Kashmir, you do not have to go to “extreme “.

“The theme of this book uncovers the normal life of Kashmiri people and events that have happened in the past Kashmir” On being asked about the theme of book, Yanus said.

The idea of writing this book came to me in 2016, when Kashmir was jolted with another mass protest and we were under siege.

The book was written in the lockdown days of 2016 uprising in 40 days, but then it was not published due to some circumstances. After 02 years the book came to fore, as the writer says.

Yanus is working on his second book, about the book , Yanus said his second book is based on the history of around the 15th century and comparison between the lifestyle of then and today.

“A writer must observe things keenly so that he can write things in a better way and it will have a good impact on readers,” he said.