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Mobile phone Epidemic! a big recrudescence*

When the mobile phone was launched in India, predominantly in Kashmir, it was weened that angels were born on earth and people used it with great enthusiasm. Systematically, mobile phones moved from affluent to average and then to the penurious. Nowadays you can’t see a herdsman without a mobile phone. People of every class and whether employed or unemployed or working class. Every man has one or two mobile phones in his pocket. According to my unlettered knowledge, hardly any human being is left in nowadays who is living without mobile phone and the people around globe are addicted to its use , And today every school going child can be seen with mobile phone in his hand. Now even children who can’t speak well are so addicted to mobile phones that their parents have become impotent. From videotelephony to the Free Fire Game only do it for pastimes , all the children know it how to play on their own and do it without being taught. Parents are whammy about to see who taught them so much . There are daily reports in the newspapers and on social media that a child has lost his eyesight because he was addicted to use of mobile phone in a certain place or children who have become accustomed to looking at a mobile phone have lost their soundness also. Parents tried very exceedingly to stop their children from this , but invain . Childrens knowing that this wont is harmful, yet they do not keep their mobile phones aside from their hands and lie in bed watching something until sleep dominates and sometimes when a child wakes up early, he has a safe mobile phone in his hand. According to modern appraisal, millions of people get deaf by using mobile phone . If you are using to listen on a single ear , you will at least lose your normal hearing. In addition, mobile phones affect both children’s memory and quality. People, especially parents whose children have made this routine in there day to day life , are disturbed and hopeless by this process. we must unite together to find a remedy so that the children began to hate this innovation, but nothing like that has been seen. Children are more interested in mobile phones rather than adults and it is not a trivial matter to get free from it . Researchers and intellectuals sect of our society must come forward to find its solution or government must should make strict laws so that children will get free from its excessive use.