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Bol ki lub azad hein tayre. Should Educational qualification be made inexorable for politicans?

Sheikh MUDASIR MUNEER Shopian kashmir

After watching copious of videos viral on Social media of contesting candidates in DDC elections which captivated the assiduity of viewers and wallops my mind towards the issue that educational qualification be made inexorable for politicans because it is only instrument which gives humanbeing the power to descriminate between right and wrong .
India is the largest democracy in the world and its success cannot be deemed to rely on the Educational qualification of its leaders .the debate on the issue whether educational qualification be made compulsory for politicans is an emotive one.It is only education which gives a human being the power to descriminate between right and wrong.Education is a cornerstone of a civilised society .it is Education that boosts up the minimum knowledge and intellect of a person .A well educated person is considered as a resource for the development of the country .Though sagacity and reconnaissance hold prominence over education but without education,wisdom lacks firm grounds of certainty and evidence .The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead.It is alluring to make a merest qualification be enforced so that our leaders are equipped with the ability to comprehend various issues with far -sighted vision, Education is an enlightening is a highly desired trait for publicly elected representatives,but cannot be the only qualifying point.india is suffering from various challenges including economic development , infrastructure,health and hygiene,poverty, unemployment.The reason behind failure in elimination of these evils is corruption that is prevalent in our country because political power is coalesced with economic power . Uneducated contestants are opined and believe that economic power provides ample opportunity to control and gain benefits , corrupt leaders are more inclined and capable of amassing social wealth instead of working for the welfare of people.However ,electing a right person to run the country may be arduous.A leader has to be elected through observation of his communication skills, literacy level , patriotism, honesty.The electorates should be wise enough to analyse the background of the electing contestants incase the arguable and debated criteria is not at par.Earning and possessing highly educational degrees may be a perk but making Education mandatory is contradictory since a good leader must be more committed to social service than a mere holder of degrees with out the ability of making a contributory change . Also, politicans are model citizens for the common masses.Therefore, it is imperative that they have Educational qualification which can motivate common masses to emulate is evident that good and successful governance depends on the quality of leadership ,which is polished through Education. Hence, qualification must be enforced for politicans which will run the appliance of nation in sharp way .