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Book review: The Alchemist

Hijaj bin Yousuf

Hello, bookworms! Let’s start reviewing one of the finest and most cherished books and that’s The Alchemist (a fable about following your dreams)written by Paulo Coelho. Let’s kick off with the Story. It’s the story of a shepherd boy, who leaves his flock and his country to pursue his dream. In search of exploring his destiny, he strikes up with a lot of incidents, ups, and falls . This story tells us the trails a shepherd boy has passed through but it also gives us the theme that no matter how impossible the path, journey may look never stop craving and fighting for your dreams.

As it’s well drafted by the writer in the book that “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Reading this tiny and spectacular novel one enjoys the journey and it also educates the readers with ample and life-long lessons to strive in a difficult situation. The twist in the story begins wIth the series of dreams a shepherd boy had Which is then followed by a lot of adventure. He keeps having the same dream that there’s a treasure lying under the Egyptian Pyramids.

His encounter with old gypsy women whom he tells about his recurring dream and she tells him to follow omens .which brings a new turn in the story. As the story moves on, his quest for treasure knows no lines. This voyage teaches a boy and all of us a lot of things like if one has no money, no one to accompany, and no idea about the journey but having strong belief and faith will lead to ultimate resolution. He learns from his journey that always listen to what your heart says. As the boy said. “My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer.”His guide in the desert, the Alchemist, replied to him: “Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.” Apart from teaching us to believe and follow our instincts. It also gives us a clear view to live in the present Which flourishes the colors of life. He also learns that life means a battle that constantly changes its plans to wage a war from every possible angle.

As he says,” Everything on Earth is being continuously transformed because the earth is alive and it has a soul.”There is a bit of a touch of romance in this book as well which keeps the momentum of the book going and also adds beauty to this story. And it starts when the shepherd boy was on his journey to find his treasure, where he was caught up in the desert. Where he saw a woman who had come to well to fill her vessel.

The boy approached her and from where their little and beautiful love story kept going on. Here this mini love story gives us the idea about true love means encouraging your partner to pursue your dreams as the Fatima(a girl whom the boy was in love with)did. Finally, after a lot of hardships, he ultimately finds his treasure. All the things the boy learned in this tough and anticipating journey were perfectly blissful, inspiring, and motivating. Above all the concept of loving oneself and believing in oneself were exceptional. Overall the book tells us not to run away from our dreams despite hardships one must keep pushing and not lose hope. untill we reach our promised destiny. This is an exceptional book to read and it fills our hearts with hope.