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Book review; The Ashes-Fable of Love and Betraying.

Suhaib Idrees Lateef

” The-Ashes, A fable of Love and Betraying ” is a beautiful and attractive novel penned down by a young writer Qasim Kashmiri, A magical poet cum writer from hills of North Kashmir’s Baramulla. In this book, Qasim has proven his capability and potential very well in an ordered systematic fashion, step by step organization that is what the reader admires the most.
The book, ” The-Ashes ” is writers debutante Novel, in his words and libretto, it is the Fable of emotions and Betrayal with love and devotion and it went on in a race to turn one of the bestselling and loving book in Kashmir. Days before the book was also previewed in daily e-paper of Parliament times Pakistan by Aabid Shaheen that depicts its real taste among modern readers.
The book tells the poignant tale of two teenager lovers in a young local atmosphere. Afreen, A youthful beautiful girl from Syed dynasty, A Caste claiming to be high and superior in the community falls in love with a boy named Saad from a local middle class caste. Between the two, The Love preferred highly into a heartbeat. The love took the way of benevolent trust and believed affection and passionate fondness. At last the description is described in an ornamental way as the love takes a break-up and betraying position.

The writer has descripted it in a much smooth and straight way with the colorful words of love that fascinates the reader, like in quarter 2nd, when the writer trying to depict the characters of Aafreen’s family.

” One morning in the middle March, sun shone brightly but snow on the mountains could not let the sun prove briskly warm. It was probably seven, Mahmood woke up
early and prayed fajr, Salah, he had already sipped first cup of Lipton tea”.
” ‘Oh! Khudaya, I forgot…Shaziya will definitely slaughter
me, she will be eating fire, I must be there shortly,’’ Afreen muttered, still leaning on the bed. ”

It really invites and lineates a reader into it.
The way author has portrayed the local environment in a precise and beautiful mode in chapter V,

” Hello, Asalmulaikum, Saad greeted after received a call. Jameel greeted back and quickly said, ‘where is the
program, where I am supposed to be’? Degree College Baramulla. Would you mind holding off just a moment longer? Saad replied at once. Jameel was about to say something more but Saad dropped the call and caught up some messages over WhatsApp ”.

” ‘Asalmulaikum barey mehrbani darwaza kholye, Rukaya rushed up toward the door and saw the
girl, Raziya standing on threshold ”.

The book steels away the heart and mind of the reader, emotionally as well as mentally.
The author very properly claims, Love as beggar and with utter easiness proves it. I, as a reader liked its ordered poetical fashion stepping with the column writings in a chronological succession.

The love description in chapter X,
Qasim showing the overwhelming approach of affectionate Love and trusted relation in mutuality and in correspondence with the local habitual vocal actions and responses is outstanding and remarkable like,

” Over the next few minutes Saad spotted Afreen some twenty steps distant. Saad located by her walking approach and her abbaya, Afreen wore a newly tailored abbaya,
some coffee colored laced over the end of sleeves which magnificently decorated her, she also wore some sober shoes that Saad liked so much, her hands were hidden in the black glove as usual, a new brown bag which seemed a bit heavy something heavy inside ”.

Besides The Ashes, Qasim Kashmiri has also penned ‘The Secret of Dark Nights’ and ‘Behind the Veil’, full of Poems.
Hope the book gain extensive receptions.

(Author is Reviewer and Reader of this book, freelancer and Student can be mailed at [email protected])