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Breaking : Power to be supplied for 24×7 in Kupwara from next two days

By | Kupwarain

Kupwara: In mater of few minutes, a meeting was called by DC Kupwara, Anshul Garag after he received complaints  from residents of far-flung, residents of the town , patients, school children and business establishments hailing from Kupwara.

According to sources, Mr DC Kupwara after taking complaints in consideration called an emergent meeting in DC complex and Directed Xen, PDD Kupwara to appear before a committee of implementation and maintenance.

A whistleblower, associated with Xen PDD told this reporter that, DC Kupwara shouted at Xen PDD and directed him to maintain electricity for 24/7 hours.

“When Xen entered in DC Office, he was expecting warm welcome as he told me in the car while driving towards DC Complex,’ DC sahab buhot he impress hain humare kaam se, hum 24 ghante main kumskum 2 ghante power supply daite hain’,(DC is impressed with our work , at least we are able to give 2 hours of electricity in 24 hours).”

The Whistleblower , who was cranky about the meeting told that, As Xen entered the office, DC showered him with comments,”Come, my skilled engineer, you have given extreme comfort to my public, My Public? I don’t know. Anyways! You have turned Kupwara into the city of lights ”.
” Xen was blushing but unfortunately , how this warmness turned freezing cold, I  don’t know. DC sahab continuously shouted at him for not providing decent electricity supply. After brief taunts at Xen, Kupwara, DC Kupwara along with whole PDD Department visited affected areas and directed department to make sure 24×7 power supply,” said the whistleblower.

According to unanimous press release from both DC office and PDD from 11th of December 2020, electricity shall be supplied uninterruptedly. ” Be it heavy snowfall or extreme weather, we will not stop supplying electricity. Now our challenge is with New York Power supplying Department and we will  defeat them, with the grace of electric wires supported by  trees. From regipora to Tangdar, and Handwara to Kralgund it will be Fire engulfing whole Kupwara,” reads this statement, published on 20 million pages.

Note: Easy Easy, This is a ‘News satire’. 
News satire is a type of parody presented in a format typical of mainstream journalism and called a satire because of its content.  this News Satire is written by Inside Kashmir’s columnist  and aims at highlighting issues in a Satire way.