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China’s initiative is very dangerous for the future of Jammu and Kashmir


Since the total area of ​​the state of Jammu and Kashmir  is 84 thousand square miles which is based upon  Ladakh Dara-e-Akzai China, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kargil, Skardu, Muzaffarabad, Jammu, Poonch, Doda, Bhaderwah, Kamraz, Maraz, Hamraz.
 On October 27, 1947, a conditional agreement was signed between the parties to that agreement as under. The  first party was Shri Hari Singh Ji sovereign King of Kashmir and the second party was the then Government of India. In the light of this agreement, the sovereign king of Kashmir, Shri Hari Singh Ji, had given authority to India over three matters as with following conditions under. Condition 1.  Defense matters handed over to India .  Under this condition, India has guaranteed that the 84,000-square-mile geographical boundaries of the State of Kashmir, including international borders, will be defended and protected by India and the Indian Army.Condition No. 2. The External affairs of the State.The External affairs of state will be directly subject to the Joint National Policy of the Central Government of India. Condition No. 3. Post and telegraph handed over to India. 
The state of Kashmir will be subject to the central national policy of India, including the system of post and telegraph, telephone, telegraph, wire, etc.
Under the above agreement, India has been given authority over these three important matters only. Rest all the other powers are vested in the State of Kashmir, including the state’s own separate flag, the state’s own constitution, the state’s own citizenship and identity.  The state of Kashmir ran its own system of government with internal autonomy, consisting of the Maharaja or the President of the State, the Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers.The agreement between India and the State of Kashmir was therefore called the Document of Accession and the Sovereign King of Kashmir accepted India’s patronage for the State of Kashmir on the condition that the internal sovereignty of the State be protected and respected With 84,000 square Miles area of the state will be defended and protected by the IndiaBut when we have a look at the agreement with India in the mirror of reality, it is clear that India has not complied with or respected any of the terms or conditions of the accession agreement.  Proof of this fact is that the area of ​​the state which was 84,000 square miles at the time of accession.  Of this, the area currently held by India is a maximum of 38,000 square miles.  We, as the true heirs of this state of Kashmir, reserve the moral, legal and constitutional right to ask India where is  the rest of our land is.  Why India has  not protected the rest of area , land of our state ?
Therefore, China has continued to advance its troops to capture Kashmir from the Ladakh region.  And it has been heard that the Chinese army has occupied upto  more 20 to 30 km Land inside the kashmir State However, the Chinese occupation will further destabilize the unfortunate people of this unfortunate state of Kashmir.  I have also concluded that some emotional people of our state of Kashmir are very happy with the initiative taken by China within the borders of the state of Kashmir and are also celebrating with great fanfare on social media.  But the fact is that our people should not be happy about China’s initiative Thy should express concern and resentment and launch a social media resistance movement against China.  People with such narrow-mindedness should understand that China’s initiative is by no means a good omen for us.  China’s move could be disastrous, especially for Muslims in the region.I have observed  the policy of Pakistan in the current situation. Pakistan is forcibly adopting silence but it seems to be disturbed by the entry of China into the borders of Jammu and Kashmir and the occupation . Because Pakistan is the reality of what China’s next plan will be.  But due to the rifts of hatred and mistrust in Indo-Pak relations, Pakistan is not showing any reaction.  We understand the fact that in the background of all the unnecessary tensions, hatred, frivolous animosities between India and Pakistan, the incompetence of the previous governments and political forces of both the countries is at work.  Because these previous governments and leaders have never tried to resolve the issues of Indo-Pak conflict seriously and responsibly.  Rather, they fooled the people and continued to rule only by promoting hatred against each other.  Even if the politicians of both the countries had shown generosity and high thinking, as a result, India and Pakistan would be on the same page today.  But our politicians have been cultivating religious hatred with great satisfaction only by giving the people the intoxication of religious fanaticism because the British had given our leaders a divisive formula to govern.   China’s advance on Kashmir territory is detrimental to the people of India and Pakistan.  Because we, the people of India and Pakistan, belong to the Aryan race.  And some people who are called Dalits are Dravidians.  While these Chinese people are the descendants of ruthless murderers and oppressive Mongols, including the oppressive descendants of the sons of Chenghis Khan, Hulakku  Khan, Aktai Khan, etc.  The history of the Aryans and the Mongols has witnessed thousands of small and large dangerous battles and the enmity between the Aryans and the Mongols has been going on from the Aryans.
Of course, these wars have been kept cold due to the expedient policy of the time between these two generations, but they have not ended.  Today the directions of the world are changing now in a new international order .Modern directions are being set at the political, social, economic and societal, defense and level levels.  The rise is now on the decline and the decline is now on the rise.  In this situation, the wounds of compensation will be fresh and all the deeds done in the meantime will be accounted for and repaid.  In view of the historical facts about these Mongols and in the light of the role of the Mongols in the Mesopotamian period, the people of Aryan descent should not rely on these brutal Mongols.  Because it is foolish to do so.
Indian Muslims must also remember this fact and status.  That it is the Muslims who make India a united India.  Muslims have spent twelve hundred years building this country and building its infrastructure.  While non-Muslims have been ruling the country for only 70 years.  The basis of India’s independence was the war of independence fought in 1857 under the command of the Indian Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.  In 1857, during the Muslim-led war of independence, British imperialism killed 35,000 Islamic scholars by hanging them from trees.  In addition, the number of massacres of Muslims is in the millions.  Our forefathers have soaked the land of India with their warm blood and given it to us as a great gift. Defending this great gift is part of upholding our traditions and part of our faith.  Homes can have thousands of conflicts over internal affairs. But when a home is attacked externally, it is important to forget about internal conflicts and defend against external attacks.  We will solve the internal issues not today but tomorrow with the intervention of the elders. But first of all our collective home will be safe.  It is in the interest of the Muslims and especially in the collective interest of Jammu and Kashmir to act thoughtfully in the light of this fact.

(Syed Muhammad Rafiq Shah is Former legislator ,Chief   Spokesperson Pahari Tribal welfare Forum J&K)