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Clampdown ; its impact and our responsibility 

Adil Salaam 

The situations in Kashmir is indicative of the helplessness of the poor workers. The working class in Kashmir was so affected that the opportunity to earn a living was cut off and the restrictions imposed by the government broke the backs of the workers. Kashmir as everyone is aware of how the economy and poor workers, whether street vendors, drivers or any other workers have been starving for the last 8   months due to the closure of their businesses.  
Many issues and obstacles arose which worsened the condition of the poor class of Kashmiris and the laborers who were dependent on labor, as  they had no other job to do other than conventional. 
The poor of Kashmir are in a situation where it is becoming difficult to earn a living.  Because of the invasive condition of Kashmir and the tyranny of the government from above, forcing the poor to live miserable life . 
 You are aware of the extent to which Kashmir’s businesses have been affected over the last 30 years.  Sometimes strikes, sometimes protests.  In the end, it is the poor who suffer the consequences.  
There are many sections in Kashmir who have lost their business due to unprecedented clampdown.
  In Kashmir, for the last 10 months, there have been continuous restrictions and the living conditions of the poor have deteriorated, as soon as August 5 decision was taken , Kashmir relinquished its special identity.  Life in Kashmir was paralyzed,  the continuous restrictions reached such a level that for the entire 10 months, the poor of Kashmir gave their everything.
  All that he had accumulated was already gone in a month,now life was about to get back on track and the workers were trying to go back to work when suddenly such a disease appeared  which naturally forced lockdown on business and daily life resulting disastrous impact on  poor class and other .  In these circumstances, although the workers of Kashmir fought hard, the natural calamity was ready to inflict another wound. 

It is not a matter of complaining that the government has not done anything but it is a matter of grievance that even the rich class of Kashmir could not come to their aid, The poor got poorer and the rich got richer.  

The street vendors used to go to their house in the evening to fill their stomachs ,today they are worried about where to get their bread from.  It should be noted that no steps have been taken by the government to rescue these workers from death of economy .
  The lockdown has already disproportionately hurt marginalized communities due to loss of livelihood and lack of food, shelter, health, and other basic needs.  The government does have a responsibility to protect the health and well-being of the population, but some of these steps have left tens of thousands of out-of-work ,  migrant workers stranded, with rail and bus services shut down.  The blanket closing of state borders have caused disruption in the supply of essential goods, leading to inflation and fear of shortages.  Thousands of homeless people are in need of protection.  Police actions to punish those violating orders have reportedly resulted in abuses against people in need.  In Kashmir, 10% of the population is currently below the poverty line.  As per the Socio Economic and Caste Census-2011 conducted by the Ministry of Rural Development, the number of households in the state having ‘no houses’ is 2,518 with 2,318 households in rural areas and 263 households in urban areas.  If the richest section of Kashmir is forced to take a step to satisfy our street vendors, drivers and other laborers, it will never be the turn of the government to take any serious step to help the poor. The real responsibility of the rich class is limited to when to loot the poor and when to be richer.  I affirm that our society has become stubborn, greedy, unscrupulous.  What does the government have to do with how to provide comfort to the poor?  The start of big organizations cost crores of rupees, but unfortunately poor drivers, street vendors and other laborers get very little.  Since not all workers from Kashmir are connected to the services of the government which is providing them less benefit but most of the workers are not provided with these facilities.  Many buy food with the money they make each day and have no savings to fall back on.  Did they long for bread?  We have no idea how we are going.  It is not only the unfortunate workers of Kashmir but also the educational institution that has been greatly affected.  These unfortunate Kashmiris have had to suffer from eternity but our society has not yet awakened to how to start the process of providing relief to the poor.  The government has to move in this direction and our richest society has to wake up.