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College days and no Memories

Pz Mumin Rashid 

It was 14 February 2020 when we appeared for the last paper of our bachelor’s degree. We got admitted in 2016 in Degree College affiliated with Kashmir University and after a long period of more than 04 years, we completed our degree( when it is just 03 years as per rules). It was long but more than that a hectic journey. Because we had not many days to be there in classes.        

  We were unfortunate that we didn’t experience it neither enjoyed as we have heard others do. It was only after our admission that situation got worsening here. Months long turmoil forced us to stay home. We hardly attended 40 to 50 classes at the college. The following years were not much different, 2017,18, 19 and even 20 could not give us relief. We just attended some 07 to 08 classes a month for all these years.Whenever we had the chance to interact with our batchmates in college we would just share sadness and disappointments about our present and future too. When college life is about enjoying and knowing new things, new mates. Also cracking jokes and sharing waves of laughter. Discussing dreams, future plans. But it wasn’t totally so in our case.  At times we would meet at book shops gathering notes and books for semester exams.           

While sharing, what we experienced with our elders, they find it quite strange and totally different than theirs. Although, it was not totally smooth for them to go and come back from college on a daily basis. They too faced tough times. But unlike ours, they have memories, friends and experiences of college days.       

 The curiosity to attend college like our predecessors will sadden us ever. We would ever carve for days in college. However, impossible now, we know!       On 14 February, we just had some selfies, smiles, good wishes, bit emotional goodbyes pretending to be well known to each other. However, it was not so. We were strangers as before!      

 We just hope for good environ to prevail for our future ones. So that they may not face disappointments and despairs. Hope they will enjoy the days. They will dream high and touch skies with no fear in heart and Peace of mind.

(Hails from Dard Harie Kupwara.Mail: [email protected] )