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Corona-19 : Wake-up Call for unconscious selves (Quarantine – Not a Shock but a social responsibility)

By | Abida War

Globe as a whole is under the feel of a drift , as not only the human health but psycho-sociological balance of the people is globally at stake and people feel frightened and worried day and night.
Most of the people had never experienced this type of crises in their whole life & being shocked people are struggling for the basic amenities that though reachable have become out of reach. The horrific situation has wiped out all the hustle & bustle of economic, social and religious places and people have got stuck within the four walls of their compounds.
The Indefinite period of isolation reminds us to think about the silent call of nature to recall the values, ethics and social responsibilities towards each other .Being social animal we are obliged to support each other ,to be good with the creatures of nature in general.This can be my personal perception of the current havoc (pandemics) that this is a call of nature. It reminds us how we humans have imbalanced the natural balance at most of the times by ignoring the creators creation plan .The most dignified creation by the creator are we humans (Ashraf ul Makhlookat) ,from whom He always expect to keep the sense of feel active for their fellow ones .The concept of kindness is the expectation of the creator from humans to value the human character – nurturing the human values. The current situation of isolation is not only for himself/herself but for the others as well. Self isolating is one of the toughest moments one is experiencing ,but we know it is the ultimate safe guard for self and others as well.
This pandemic gave us a chance to re-collect the factual experiences and give a second thought to the concept of togetherness . We all witness that whether it is a powerful ruler ,a king, a dictator, a leader, a politician , a business tycoon , a priest , a man of fame or shame or a common man, all are helpless ,calm and stunned in the present crises. No one remembers the boarders whether geographical, political, religious, social or economical and the whole world is under the common siege. Now people realize that there is one thing which is common to all Quarantines and that is an interconnection – a concept that we are all leaves of the same tree planted in a garden that belongs to all. Let us all be positive in approach by visualizing this corona-19 as an agent of change for the whole universe and comprehend the hard times of pandemic by understanding the signals from nature. The signals that calls for desisting from all those activities which isolates one human from the other by putting walls under different shadows and engage in activities which can become the bridge in uniting the humanity. The situation seems so worried that everyone responds in shock and panic. The Quarantine and isolation homes has locked down the social engagements of an individual but it is a tool for the benefit of all in this Corona -19 pandemics. This isolation which keeps one away from friends and routine social engagements teaches a great lesson to those who are always hell bent in the process of curbing the freedom of others.
This Crucial time demands a collective social responsibility . This tragic phase will calm down and the future history would definitely reveal how the dead and suppressed human character got ignited and rose to the heights in saving each other during the hard but test times.
The collective tragedy over the globe where someone hardly find social distanced moments at weeks end find the scene of isolation suddenly that too for indefinite period. The corona-19 may result into the sensitization of togetherness by separation, the feel of the togetherness that we humans mostly have to value .Human had been originally created to support one another on the basis of concept of humanity but Alas! the materialistic lust had dragged humans into the selfishness. The current century people were so alienated even from their near and dear ones that essence of the relationship was lost . The concept of racial tension from colonial times had been evident even now but this episode of corona-19 led the whole humanity to rise again to think for one another. The togetherness of human against this pandemic depicts a lot, the threat is common , all are vulnerable and worried which compels everyone to think over the same lines to fight against this virus. Lockdown as one of the solution, is itself a shock and is truly not acceptable so easily as it is against the human nature. The abrupt silence of routine hustle & bustle globally has itself sent a wave of psycho-shock across the globe. Although we experience this whole situation as shocking but there is no other option than to accept it. We need to be kind and wise enough to accept this as reality and change our life style to this new option of lockdown and stay-indoors. But at this junction, one very much important thing is to think of those who are in quarantine and who experiences high level of anxiety and psychological stress. At this stage of disaster collective responsibility as a responsible citizen and professionalism is of utmost urgency particularly for those who are related to Health Department like Paramedical Staff and Doctors. THIS TIME BESIDES THEIR PROFESSONALITY IN TERMS OF PHYSICAL AND PROFFESSIONAL EXPERTISE, THEY HAVE TO BEHAVE AS THE BEST PSCHYCOLOGISTS AS WELL IN ORDER TO RELIEVE THE STRESS OF THOSE WHO ARE IN QUARANTINE. At this stage of international and national crises, everyone – Administration, Govt. and Semi-Govt. organisations and common people have to play a role as a responsible stakeholder to combat this war of virus. As a responsible citizen, we should help each other to deal with this threat using social media and other protective means and we as a one whole have to stand together to strengthen the courage of those who have lost hope. Social workers /activists in collaboration with Govt. machinery should come at fore front and play the desired role. It is important to pass on positive information in a positive way so that they should help to bring down the fears among the common masses in general and covid-19 hit patients in particular.
The silence all around may be a natural decision of desired imprisonment of whole populous. The socio tsunami which is hell bent to destroy human race at alarming rate still provide us chance to be secure. India being the world’s second most populous country is still lower in graph in case of corona -19 which we as lucky Indians should understand .we need to worry as a united nation and should not wait for repetition of what happened in Italy and China. The Prime Ministers Janta Curfew is a call at proper time which we should follow in letter and spirit otherwise this wide spread pandemic in India could cripple the health care system of the country and can be devastating economically. Besides working the measures to control this pandemics there is call at the back of curtains that implores us to pay attention towards the animal world as well. The call though having China, where most of the animals are consumed for their appetite needs, as an origin gives us a reason to think beyond the boundaries. This ill-treatment of animals from centuries came back again this time in the form of COVID-19 as was in 2003 in the form of SARS virus. The animal world is mostly targeted by the humans on the globe but the codes of consuming animals (wild as well as domestic) given by various religious bindings and obligations comes to be true after this sudden havoc by corona -19. The thought of modernisation, viable human economy etc can never be achieved by disturbing the ecosystem which is vital for the existence of life in all forms. This corona-19 again brought world rulers on the table to re-think about nature and natural phenomena which have a vital role and if ignored can have devastating results. It reminds us that though we can grow up and boost economy by means of development in digitalization and Science & Technology but this all would ruin us if we will not take appropriate measures for bringing back the disturbed ecosystem at its original stable position. The present crises cannot be a coincidence as time is witness to the fact that we have wrapped ourselves in a cocoon of technology and decorative cultural achievements burdened with pride depletes our full value as sentient being.
We should remember Rene Dubos :-
Human could adopt “to starless skies, shapeless buildings ,joyless celebrations, tasteless bread, treeless avenues, spiritless pleasure – to a life without reverence to past ,love for present or poetical anticipations of the future but it is questionable that men can retain his physical and mental health if he loses contact with the natural forces that have shaped his biological and mental nature”.
Wake –Up Man. Corona-19 is the warning , the Signal that once again gives us a chance to nurture the land, cultivate ecological ethics, maintain ecological balance and understand the coding of nature for the existence of human form. Corona-19 is the wakeup call not just to our well being but also to remind us the very natural inheritance of humanism even between inter and intra-species. The men of state had been imposed by ethics, the nature is living and has no time for men’s ignorance.

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