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As the whole of the world has been under the transformation of the catastrophic virus of Corona, what world observes today as a growing in form of a Cataclysmic disease with much at its exaltation. Yesterday world mourned the cross mark of 200000th death by Covid-19 in its clink. This infectious disease in current times has turned to twist and wrench as a matter of Survival and health in front of the advanced and technological world. The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and recognized as a ‘Pandemic’ by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020.Though the deadly Virus is not airborne, the nature of the virus is deadly in terms that it can lively survive up-to 10 to 72 hours on different surfaces from the skin to plastic and from iron to steel. The death rate is spreading in a soothing and constant rate, Worrisome is the rising exponential graph of positive cases at the Global level, increasing hour by hour and minute by minute. The rate is alarming and disturbing, proving disastrous outputs. The infectious and deadly disease includes fever, cough, breathlessness as some common and simultaneous symptoms. It can be observed as the greatest crisis of the modern world, with much density of population as people including dealing with trade and other global international relationships ( external and internal ).It has nonsense and gruesome attitude as it could crash the global economies as the USA, and other major powers are in the opine. Developing Countries like India and Pakistan could turn far beyond this context.  The lockdown by countries is a prescribed and prevalent option. As all the international, as well as national activities, are shut with closed borders between the countries. The normal life is veneering a hard and tough halt, as all national, as well as international functionary, has taken a stop notch.It can reshape the economy badly as well as can put strategic development to a halt. Indeed it can prove the worst ever deal after the second World War. Borders have been shut. Multinational Companies have been put on halt. All the developmental works have been stopped to an indefinite period. Agricultural as well as horticulture have been badly affected. The ever largest markets of London, New York,  and central markets like that of Egypt’s Cairo, India’s New Delhi or Pakistan’s Lahore and Islamabad.The disease has challenged the superpowers of the USA and China in its transformation. The USA, Britain, Italy, Germany, France and other South African Countries are turning catastrophic red death spots, proving worst figures with the USA alone as a centre crossed 40000 deaths. What is less than heavy fatal adversity in this high healed and attitudinized pandemic. It is In fact a fact that we can’t stop its spread at just single. We should have to understand its level, based on how deadly it is, its disastrous nature. As per the CDC(Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines, everyone can help to stop the spread of Corona Virus by knowing the facts and sharing them in the whole of Community. We can easily fight and it back as we have to fight as much as we have grave examples from China, as China has done a lot of control on it. Precautionary measures and preventive measures are the only vaccines for the Virus. When the whole globe is battling unitedly against the pandemic. It should be the necessary and immediate duty of every individual or citizen to be supportive and cooperative with their respective Governments, Administrative blocks as well as health staff in all the functions, in all the measures. Additionally, many medical facilities that it could prove mighty disastrous for India as millions and millions could turn the victims of this fatal pandemic. So, the better and first preference should be for precautionary and preventive measures. 

(Author is Student and Columnist, can be mailed at [email protected])