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#Corona: From Kupwara to Sopore 131 people back from corona hit countries

Some quarantined, Some not.

Spotlight Team

 Kamran Ashraf Bhat (Joint Editor)

Warish Fayaz 

North Kashmir :  From Kupwara alone where 128 individuals have been reported by district agencies to Sopore which received  03 individuals till now from Coronavirus ( COVID 19)  hit countries, administration in both areas confirmed their stability. Daily Inside Kashmir’s team of reporters from Spotlight investigation section contacted concerned offices, local information gathering agencies and medical facilities which unanimously confirmed this figure in their separate reports.

The data which was collected from Kupwara confirmed 128 persons who have travel history from the country where corona has spread on an intense level.

Among 128, our reporter, Danish Bhat,  contacted 76 persons who gave different contradictory statements. Many of them were under the impression of isolation and denied any medical checkup. While as large no. Of individuals said that, they are fine and have returned home in the last one month.
It was not verified if all of them have taken the airway route while returning from Delhi as many of them not wanted to go through any medical check due to fear of isolation and gave suspicious statements.

” I am fine, I have been back in last month and at that time corona was no at large scale. There is no need of checkup “, said Umrah pilgrim, who’s name can’t be disclosed due to confidentiality of matter concern .
Many of them gave statement carrying the same pattern and dropped call in the middle of the conversation.

The incharge Chief medical officer of Kupwara G.M Dar , said over the phone that,”  in collaboration with other agencies and our own officials, we have identified around 128 individuals with travel history from outside India. All of these were contacted and counselled, some of them were quarantined and others have been suggested to follow the protocol of  home quarantine “

” We are keeping an eye on them and have asked them to restrict their movements until and unless they don’t feel any complication “, added C.M.O Kupwara

The statement from C.M.O was contradictory of what large no. Of individuals told us. Almost 30 individuals claimed not to have been visited by any medical team.

One of our reporter, who visited District Hospital sopore and sopore tehsil office where the record was made available which claims  that ,O3 individuals according to their recent travel history have been identified with residential details by the officials of  local administration .  We contacted these persons and  asked if they have been quarantined or checked by medical teams only 01 person confirmed his medical check . The other two individuals claimed not be undergone through  the medical procedure . All of them are normal and have not developed any sort of medical complication  as of now .

The spokesperson of medical authority in Sopore and its special control room for corona virus said that, they are vigilant to keep an account of every information about suspects and persons with travel history .