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Coronavirus through the lense of Relegion (Islam)

By | Shahbaz Rasheed Bhoru

Covid 19 has engulfed the whole globe in it’s viral flames. The whole globe for the first time in history is witnessing such a massive lock down against a natural calamity. Countries of the world are forgetting their odd relations among themselves and are on the same front line to combat this deadly virus. In every important cum emergent national and international level meet coronavirus is making its name worthwhile. Each country has suspended it’s all important activities in all respects. Factories are closed. Roads are blocked. Villages are sealed off. Cities are locked down. Man is just reconsidering his position against the backdrop of amazing biotechnological advancement of recent past few decades. Covid 19 has put the man in dilemma of being successful or unsuccessful.Man is redesigning the model of research ,refocusing on microbiological areas and reorienting his scientific methodologies.Never before, researchers say, have so many experts in so many countries focused simultaneously on a single topic and with such urgency. Nearly all other research has ground to a halt.Covid 19 has radicated the sense of competition among scientists ,eroded the secrecy that pervades academic medical research throughout the world. Ryan Carroll, a Harvard medical professor said in this regard; “The ability to work collaboratively, setting aside your personal academic progress, is occurring right now because it’s a matter of survival.” Medical experts  are putting their heads together to deveope an effective vaccine but till  this instant all seems to be in vain. A medical global collaboration is on way to fight this menace. Covid 19 is creating fear and hysteria before it’s clinical arrival thus  making the situation more grim to be controlled.Fear is also a potentially dangerous driver of behaviours that can prolong or hasten the spread of disease because fear weakens our immune system.Strong immune system is the only means to fight against covid 19.But at ground fear is spreading faster than virus.Science can confront virus but not fear and obsession.Fear is stemming out of psychological scaffold of man,whose cure is not in the hands of science but in the lap of religion(Islam).In this global trepidation the emergent medicine is in the syrp of islam.Islam first of all inculcates the meaning of temporary nature of this world,strengthens the belief of eternal world and crystallizes the concept of worshipping to that an extent that a man starts to develop the faith of being servant or abad of Allah(SWT). He now accepts the doctrine of faith on destiny .This doctrine of faith keeps him strong and staunch in the grave conditions.In order to face covid 19 whatever efforts we are employing is the part of our destiny.To have faith on destiny  does not mean that we must stop struggling but must do whatever we can and keep ourselves comfortable by believing on Allah.

The range of amazing and bizzare experiments by scientists had captured the attention of man to recognize the extraordinary importance of science. But now covid 19 is at the central focus of science today,diverged the attention of science from all other exploring and expending fields. Science is being judged through the lense of this minute virus. It  is reality now that this Covid 19 has compelled man to reconsider his whole scientific knowledge and innovations. Man was in full craze to denounce the divinity owing to his frequency of material advances. His material advancement had invoked in him a sense of being supernatural .I am not talking in material perspective only  rather spiritual perspective is being kept at the summit. Modern world was sandwiched between the atheistic ideology and dazzling civilization. Modern man was dedicated to fulfill the desires of material being and spiritual domain was left to be attended after death. Modern man had transgressed all the limits. Denial of God was everywhere; in homes, in offices, in lanes, in streets, in bazars, in schools, in colleges, in universities, in councils, in assemblies and in Parliaments. Each and every man had become the epitome of disobedience. Man had forgotten his Creator and now suddenly a fragment of RNA shook his very pride of survival. He feels himself totally helpless. He is now looking at the sky seeking guidance. Certainly Allah will not leave us in this state of absolute despair but man will certainly leave his Islam after getting relief from this pandamic. This behaviour of man is very much disgusting. No objection  can be levelled against his pride feeling,  because man a minute creature in the womb of universe was in continuous exploration and subjugation of its basic elements.Now covid 19 mockingly put him in the state of humbleness. Richard Horton writes in the guardian that “We’re supposed to be living through the Anthropocene, an era where human activity has become the dominant influence on the environment. The idea of the Anthropocene conjures notions of human omnipotence. But Covid-19 has revealed the astonishing fragility of our societies. It has exposed our inability to cooperate, to coordinate, and to act together. But perhaps we can’t control the natural world after all. Perhaps we are not quite as dominant as we once thought”. Man is forcing himself for spiritual attirement amidst the ultracapital dust.Science itself is seeking the guidance from God in the way it is proceeding to get hold of coronavirus.    Man is a strange creature in the sense that if he does something extraordinary he abruptly changes his way of life .He changes his whole setup and makeup.He starts to challenge the Creator. He starts to undermine his authority.He starts to become the victim of amnesia. Amnesia is such a disease for man that if affected could become potentially a calamity for his status of being man. Man in his sound health and wealth often nurtures arrogant nature .Arrogance refrain him to view the realities of life. Under it’s effect he is unable even to understand his own psychology in proper and perfect way. Quran examines and diagnoses the psychological nature of man that; And in man has been created weaknessIndeed, man has been created impatient and anxious. Man has been created hasty.Surely, man is very unjust and ungratefulAnd man is every miserlyAnd man, in most cases, is contentious and quarrelsomeSurely, he is very unjust and ignorant (lacking thought and deliberation).The holy quran on one side is describing the human nature  in fullest of its details and simultaneously guiding him how to stand firm in such conflicting waves of nature. Quran is the only book on the face of earth, keeping man in his limits, silencing his awkward behavioral genes to an extent that he starts to set an example of being human. In the backdrop of corona predicament, science is unable to assist man enslaved with despair and fear. When all material support and supplements are abortive to help man then only relegious consolation and hope is at his survival service. It is an old saying “man lives on hope “.Today when vaccinologists are uncertain about the vaccine it means world is without any material hope, as recently the statement of one of the renowned vaccinologist  Annelies Wilder-Smith (professor of emerging infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) appeared in The Guardian  Like most vaccinologists, I dont think this vaccine will be ready before 18 months,.”The Center for Disease Control ominously warns that there is no vaccine to protect against COVID-19 and no specific antiviral treatment for COVID-19. Then how  man can combat the virulence of fear and hopelessness?There remains only the recourse of religion to make him stand firm and fine.The holy quran says
Say: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.Man must repent and revive his spritutual advancement۔He must leave this awkward notion that he can overcome his disposition and God on this earth. The quran and sayings of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) must be read thoroughly, which are the only two saviours of mankind. Today the best cure prescribed by the medical experts is in the form of quarantine measure to be followed by each and every one. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) suggested 1400 years ago the best way to protect ourselves from the pandemic. This reality has been acknowledged by the non Muslim scholars as well. Dr. Craig Considine is a scholar, professor, global speaker, and media contributor based at the Department of Sociology at Rice University , he recently mentioned in an article the relevance of prophetic saying in the present scenario; 
“Do you know who else suggested good hygiene and quarantining during a pandemic?Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, over 1,300 years ago.While he is by no means a “traditional” expert on matters of deadly diseases, Muhammad nonetheless had sound advice to prevent and combat a development like COVID-19.Muhammad said: “If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague outbreaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place.”He also said: “Those with contagious diseases should be kept away from those who are healthy.”Muhammad also strongly encouraged human beings to adhere to hygienic practices that would keep people safe from infection”.He further writes; He would encourage people to always seek medical treatment and medication: “Make use of medical treatment,” he said, “for God has not made a disease without appointing a remedy for it, with the exception of one diseaseold age.”The aforementioned  verses of the quran and  ahadeith are providing a hope to humanity in two respects.  Allah is your creator he shall help you and he has not left the man on this earth without any support. Second one is that he has created the remedy for every disease but the provision is that man must have to search out that cure. An Italian Specialist said “pandemic may make medical science more nimble long after the emergency has passed”.Covid 19 has made man to think that till date what we have got is not enough or in Iqbal’s words Other worlds lie beyond the starsStill more test of passion, love is remainingYour destination is ahead of all the destinationsIn this fight against covid 19 man is limited to microscopic level of efforts, he can not think of it’s cure out of genetic level operation. He has been subjected to use his full force to confront the minutest organic crystal. He has been set in this model of problem to reaffirm his inner feeling that there is a power who creates and destroys. Whenever modern man started to think about the existence of God, got hijacked either by theory or philosophy. Theory inscribed meledious and attractive ideas, invited him to research on it’s texture and science encircled him with the clouds of pride. Pride and unidimensional outlook refrained him to discover God. But Allah subjects him with the problems so that he may think on his existence. Corona virus is one of the problem inviting man to have a conjecture on the existence of Allah. Modern western thought was much elegantly structured around few rules, impressed the mind of man in material plane and modern material advancement strengthend his notion of being practical .In this whole episode the landscape of soul remain untilled. I don’t have the complete information about other relegions but so far as Islam is concerned, I claim that the final cure for humanity lies in Islam. I invite my non Muslim brothers and sisters to go through the Quran once in your life. You will inshallah find the truth. Covid 19 is not just a fun but an opportunity  to search out the reality of life, introspect ourselves and pray.