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#Covid 19 : Desocialization imprisonment by Choice

Malik Altaf 

Throughout history, the world has witnessed umpteen disease outbreaks that ravaged humanity to the worst and signalling to destroy the entire population of the world. The epidemics that turned into worst pandemics has brought the world population to great catastrophes. Though science and technology got a timely breakthrough in fighting most of these pandemics, people have suffered great loss of life and setbacks to their economies. Tracing back the history of 20th and the first decade of 21 century , when the world is facing an economic threat, trying to maintain the perimeters of economy, struggling to improve the condition of trade world faced some worst pandemics that gulped people to death and affected the lives of billions of people. Back in February in1957, a new influenza virus A H2N2 in East Asia turning into a pandemic. The virus was first reported in Singapore in February and it later spread its roots to Hong Kong in April and in Summer it spread to United resulting 1.1million  deaths worldwide and more than a lac estimated by the United States. Next dreadful pandemic knocked the human earth in the year 1968 caused by another influenza A  H3N3. This time the virus was reported from the United States in September and it resulted in the death of one million people worldwide and 1 lac plus deaths were suffered by the host United States. The virus mostly gulped the people falling into the age groups of 60 plus. The first decade of 21 century the world witnessed one more disastrous pandemic the Swine flue in  2009 which was caused by a strain H1N1 reported the first time in Mexico City. In just one year this virus spread across the world and killed almost 557400 people across the globe estimated by CDC( Online registration). Ebola virus, one more pandemic, ruined humanity however with a history back of decades it erupted again in 2014. This virus is named after a river in Africa and it washed away thousands of people with it and yet many are struggling a swim to find the shores. Corona Virus, Covid 2019 the deadliest virus ever been observed in the world. Though this virus is said to have got its roots back to 1960s in its recent outbreak, It came to be reported first time from China’s Wuhan city of technology in December 2019. This novel Coronavirus causes disease COVID19 almost similar to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) spread globally and affected almost every country of the world, with symptoms of fever, dry cough, runny nose and sore throat etc. The incubation period is more than short as it consumes a man to death from day 1 to 15 if infected with severity. It’s the fastest spreading virus ever witnessed by people living on the globe and that the international authority called it an international pandemic. China which is mostly suspected to be the origin of the Corona virus has been a worst catastrophic victim to it. They lost about 3200 plus lives and more than 90,000 were infected Eve thought the Bejing administration formed new hospitals in a few days after the breakdown of this virus. Italy is the second-largest country to fall prey to corona which However according to Al-Jazeera goes ahead with the no of the death toll to 3805 with the highest death record for a day 473 in last week.Span with  1724 deaths and more than 30 thousand infected is the third country to have been affected and Iran 1685 deaths are limping at 4th no as effected. The scientist community, virology department and vaccine institute totally failed to find out an antidote as of now and thus confined people to prevention.Social distance, avoiding Gathering, closing schools, college, university, bars cafeterias and all other institutions, worship places and even the World’s largest gathering places like the holy city of Makah was kept off due to the threat of the virus. The virus according to the doctors can be easily controlled by the maintenance of social distance between every single individual, sanitising oneself, washing hands with soap thrice a day at least and covering face with some cloth or a mask, staying in the door as much as possible. China was the first country to apply for lockdown in the whole country which brought no good to the economy however helped them to counter the virus. The strictness was so tightened that not a single vehicle could move and same did  Italy. Italy also followed china soon after the pandemic knocked their estimate and went out of control. The people were locked up in their hoses, flats etc with no cars on roads, no hotels open, no restaurants, no gathering, no party, no outing with families and thus people have been following this fashion of self-imprisonment by choice so far in good cooperation with govt. India the 2nd largest country on earth is also in a race now the virus has its recent record on cords and no is 350+ with few deaths . The administration quickly,  following fear and loss of lives and knowing the population density cancelled transport, schools, college, university to isolate people. The Delhi metro, Calcutta metro, universities and institutions around the country are off to. The administration is on toes to bar people for coming out of homes. Because the only distance from gathering can make a difference. The infection has a rule that be united and you will fall and be divided you will survive to win a healthy life. Thus we all must maintain the social distance by choice, provided that we will see the infection at a distance. So kindly prefer this self-imprisonment heaven though it’s a hell for the person who has never been home like this. The humanity at the global level is facing the toughest time and we are at a bumpy track so only prevention and desocialization is the only existing source to keep the virus off. Here again the government and civil societies, doctors suggest the same signals that desocialization is the only way to be out of reach for virus and if the people neglected we are going to witness the worst face of destruction here in this corner of the world knowing our health system and facilities available in our country. So stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.God bless us, God bless the world population.