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COVID-19 pandemic: karnah welfare forum provide food to needy –

Khushal khawaja

Karnah welfare forum and other voluntary groups are helping the poor in karnah during a nationwide lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

As the Indian government extended the lockdown until early May, the poor who survive on daily wages do not even have enough money to support basic household expenses.

With no work during the last three weeks in the first phase of the shutdown, they have suffered the most sitting idle at home.

Laborers and migrant workers were left without food and shelter when Modi suddenly declared a 21-day nationwide lockdown last month. The lockdown was set to end on April 14 but has been extended until May 3.

But karnah welfare forum and charity groups came to their rescue. WFK in their personal capacity have been trying to ensure these people do not go to bed hungry.

One of top member of WFK Mir Mushtaq Ahmed said they have distributed 180000 worth of food items to the poor.

We give food kits to the poor. A single kit contains food items worth around (1,000 rupees). These were given to poor people and migrant workers from other states,” Mushtaq told inside Kashmir.

WFK provide some important equipment to SDH tangdar to fight against COVID-19

We plan to continue our relief work until May 3. We are also working with civil society , Muslim, Sikh and they are assisting the poor and other migrant workers regardless of their religion,” he added.

Finally a message for people from WFK in Ramadan Anyone in need can come and have a meal there.