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As all of us know Coronavirus disease is an extremely acute infectious disease or disorder which is showing its unpleasant craze these days with a regular face of hundreds and thousands of deaths and positive test cases leading to a scientific and global Calamity. The outburst was first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and recognised as a ‘Pandemic’ by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020, after showing disastrous stuff. This virus causes a respiratory illness similar to the flu with symptoms majorly as cough, fever and characterized by mild symptoms including a runny nose, sore throat, coldness, breathlessness and slow grade body temperature. Emerged like a catastrophe, The disaster starting from Wuhan China which acted as the epicentre of the pandemic, engulfed whole the globe in its transformation within just of 2 to 3 months including major powers like Europe, USA, U.K., South Korea, whole of African and Asian Continent. Besides the effects were well worthy in Arabian Countries as well.

Heart-wrenching modes and cataclysmic seems are impending from different parts of the globe including India and Pakistan with habitual and regular thousands of deaths. More than Ten Thousand deaths each from Italy and Spain and more than three thousand deaths each from China, America and Europe was a fatal calamity for the whole of Globe. Amid deaths, A huge no. of the global population has been found positive for the fatal test. Apart from such apathy, until we are in the safe hands and no one knows which direction it will take. Will it be surprising down graph or habitual graphs like the rest of Spain and Italy. Now, what is a testimonial for we people is we should understand ourselves and make the rest of the citizenry fathom about it. Not like what we got the materialistic approach and confined reports from different sects of different religions is in totality a discouraging step and not good step at all. Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan in his best speech has said, we developing countries should look at developed China. They have set a best instance for all of us in the fight of COVID. They have saved a mass of lives (Remember China has done a lot on it amid remaining the first epicentre of the Pandemic). 

Being associated with Muslim note, it is fine to hold religious gatherings and conglomerate processions. Even for one sect among us, they leave for a good period of time to other places, within the state or outside the state, even foreign travels in masses to offer an Approach (Dawah) towards Islamic religion. But at this crucial juncture, amid this fatal infectious disease has overwhelmed us, when you are not even allowed to touch yourself, your body parts, how can you sit among such huge masses. We just need to understand it. When Scientists and Doctors are alluring for ‘Social distancing’ and ‘Stay home-Say safe’ perception when Government is impressing for mass whole ‘Lockdown’. If we go through the reality checkouts, genuine facts and prevention of Infectious disease, we only will come across with access to home quarantine and self-quarantine. It only requires to sit singly than at this point of fatal Aura for being a worsened agent for the pandemic.

Yesterday we have seen a worst way at Nizamudin grand mosque where 1400 of our brothers had assembled. Understand the situation for yourself and for well-being of society. No doubt Administrative complex is fully responsible for it. The recent case of Anand Vihar (Dehli-UP border) where thousands of individual migrant workers gather. Is this a Civic way, No not at all.
Infact if we go for Islamic teachings. According to Islamic doctrine, Allah says in the holy book of Quran in surah Al-bakarah, ”indeed those who believe in righteous deeds and hold continuous prayers and give zakat will have their reward with their Lord and their will be no fear among them nor will they grieve. Later in Surah Toubah, ” O people, who believe me, fear Allah and be always be with those who are True ”.Prophet (peace upon him) has hundreds of centuries ago revealed, ‘Neither turn in for a Pandemic are not turn out of it, if you are jammed in it”. So gratifying to contemplate the situation and operate in a good citizenry way.
The extremely sorry situation is, Someone of Hindu sect, a couple of days before drink Cow urine and later paste cow dung to their body explaining it as a natural medicinal treatment from Corona Virus. Please and please leave this dark mythology at this juncture and go for preventions and recommendations from Government and medical health staff.
We all should act as good and honourable inhabitants to save us, our society, our land, our nation.

Writer is a Columnist and Student, can be reached at [email protected]