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Deceased Baramulla man tests negative Test conducted for the safety of people Dr Naveed

Srinagar, Apr 17: A man from North Kashmir who died at CD Hospital today is likely to be buried tonight as his test report has been found negative this late evening.

Sources told API that a man from North Kashmir’s Baramulla district was admitted at CD Hospital a couple of days ago and today he passed away in the hospital. The man was very sick but his first test was found negative.

His body has been kept at mortuary and will be handed over to family after his test for Covid-19 has again found negative.

Renowned Pulmonologist and HoD, Chest Disease Hospital Dr Naveed Nazir told KNT that his test report was the priority of the hospital. “He was really very sick but when we tested him for Covid-19, it turned out to be negative. After his death we again took his samples and the test report has been found negative.,” he said.

He said that the test of the deceased had been send only to reconfirm for the sake of public safety. He said that there are some chances of getting false negative as we wanted to be doubly sure about the status of the deceased.

“Thankfully the deceased is not a Covid-19 patient,” he added. (API)