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By | Sadeeqi Naseer

The aim of this article is to highlight the role of Islam in the management
of depression ; and also highlight the great Islamic teachings and practices
which can help us to combat with any spiritual disease. If we follow the
teachings of Islam with determination and sincerity then we will find Islam
beautiful everywhere and will achieve success in every aspect of life .
Whenever a Muslim went beyond the realm of Islam, then the Muslim got
into trouble.
I think it is highly beneficial to integrate certain Islamic views in
Westernized therapeutic techniques to make them more acceptable by
Muslim societies.
Treatment in psychiatry follows the bio-psychosocial model, and religion is
considered to be one of the most important psycho-social factors in human
life, especially in Muslims’ population. Hence it is imperative to recognize
how Islam can modify ,the treatment and prevention of different mental
disorders. Here first we will discuss about what depression is.
Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects
how you feel the way you think and how you act. Depression causes feelings
of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. It can lead to
a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s
ability to function at work and at home.
This is a very interesting issue because according to psychological studies,
a huge percentage of people alive today are accountable to some kind of
depression so it is important to explore this issue in relation to being better
Muslims First of all, in an utterly confusing world where stress has become
the norm and negative thinking has become quite part of our daily routine.

Hence, to break through the negative cycle and overcome depression can
become challenging.
While we tend to shy from speaking out our minds and sharing our mental
and emotional disturbance, just rest assured that everyone is fighting their
own battle; be it mental, emotional or spiritual. There is absolutely nothing
shameful about it. Suffering from depression or anxiety is a sickness and
has to be addressed, just like any other physical pain in your body.
life is not a bed of roses. It is a journey, where we stumble upon pain,
calamities, heartbreak, loss, desolation, and helplessness. and
helplessness. Sometimes, we find ourselves falling into an abyss of
darkness, which is so deeply consuming that you think you might never
come back up. You try to paddle your way up, trying to get some air
into your starved lungs, but you find yourself tired from the continuous
struggle and eventually your limbs give out and you are stuck. Stuck
and alone – without an escape. That, in a nutshell, is what depression
feels_ depression does not need a reason to exist, sometimes it is just
there, hanging around the corner, staring at us.
Depression can be exhausting and utterly draining on a person –
mentally and physically. Depression is not sadness – sadness is
temporary while depression is long-term – and it is very much real.
However, for those of us who personally face these depressive demons
on a daily basis, there is hope for us to overcome them. Islam has
equipped the believer with the essential tools to fight depression and
recover from it – the greatest tool being the blessed Holy Quran itself
later I will discuss some other tools.
There are many things that make us mentally tired , it can be the loss of
loved once, it might be the disappointment of loosing a job or not getting
a promotion, financial problems can cause us to feel down . If we talk
about our young generation, we can see that educated children are also
victims of depression. The main reason for this is that when they do not
qualify their exams( NEET, JEE,NET etc) , despite many efforts, they get
drowned into the depression , so the number of cause for depression is
almost limitless,

Before discussing the cure, we need to understand the root cause and
figure out ways to overcome depression and negative thoughts. According
to our religion, these factors may cause / nurture your depression

    When you turn away or get secluded from God, you deprive your soul of
    its oxygen. Same as what happens to your body when you cease eating or
    drinking for a long time.
    Your soul seeks to float when connected to its creator, otherwise, it slowly
    suffocates, dims and feels heavy, and no matter what else you do, you feel
    “And whoever turns away from My remembrance_ indeed, he will have a
    depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind.
    (Surah Taha 20:124
    Being so focused on Duniya (world) day and night burdens your heart,
    deprives you of sleep and tires your body and soul and is another factor
    that does not help to overcome depression. Hence, when we live our life
    on purpose and have a higher goal towards the hereafter, God subjects the
    universe to our service to ease our affairs and He belittles our day-to-day
    Anas bin Malik narrated that the Messenger of Allah(s.a.w) said:
    “Whoever makes the Hereafter his goal, Allah makes his heart rich and
    organizes his affairs, and the world comes to him whether it wants to or not.
    And whoever makes the world his goal, Allah puts his poverty right before

his eyes and disorganizes his affairs, and the world does not come to him,
except what has been decreed for him”. “Vol. 4, Book 11, Hadith 2465

    All our matters have been written in the book of decrees; our health, wealth,
    “ No calamity occurs in the earth nor in yourselves but it is inscribed in the
    Book of Decrees before We bring it into existence. Verily, that is easy for
    Allah. 23. In order that you may not grieve at the things over that you fail
    to get, nor rejoice over that which has been given to you. And Allah likes
    no boasters.”
    Surah Al Hadid 57:22
    Relying only on ourselves, our abilities and making decisions totally on our
    own is mentally hectic and draining.Therefore, we get to feel the full burden
    weighing us down…
    OF ISLAM):

Islam being not just a religion but also a complete way of life has provided
us with a solution out of every problem, and depression is one problem the
solution to which can be found in the teachings of Islam. I must stress here
that I will not discuss anti-depressants as steps for walking out of depression,
the reason being, I consider them to be more chemical than practical.

Speaking from personal knowledge and experience, we shall
examine some ways of rising above the trials and tribulations of depression
We should have faith in Allah Almighty in every aspect of life. Some
couple of steps that can help to deal with depression and anxiety
mentioned below:

Quran is the best form of remembrance Allah Almighty it brings comfort
and peace to the heart. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) said: “Quran is the
best remedy for the illness of the soul” (Bukhari).
If you feel yourself drowning in depression, recite the Holy Quran
more often. Among other reasons, one of the biggest causes of
depression and anxiety is the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty
of the future. The feeling of not being in control of your circumstances
or the events in your life (no matter what they may be) can cause
restlessness, desolation, and frustration. By reciting the Quran, and
understanding the words of Allah (SWT), one is constantly reminded
that it is only Allah (SWT) who has control over all affairs and He has
a plan for each and every one of us. Every single thing that happens to
us, no matter how small it may, is part of a bigger and perfect plan that
our Lord has for us. Ultimately, nothing is in our control, it is all in the
hands of Allah (SWT), so why should we despair? When we know God
is looking out for us and He has power over all things. In the Quran,
Allah (SWT) says:
“And for those who fear Allah, He always prepares a way out, and He
provides for him from sources he never could imagine. And if anyone
puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is Allah for him. For Allah will surely
accomplish His purpose: verily, for all things has Allah appointed a
due proportion.” (Quran, 65: 2-3)
Upon reading the Quran, man is also reminded of the transitory nature
of this life. Nothing is permanent in this world. This world is nothing
but a platform of trials and tribulations for mankind which will

eventually perish and a new (permanent) world will emerge – that of
Heaven and Hell. Allah (SWT) created this world to test us. And God
tests those He loves and He asks His faithful believers to bear those
trials with patience and tawakkal (Faith in God’s plans). Sometimes,
these trials and tribulations are also a means to elevate the status of a
believer and for the purpose of the expiation of his sins. If a believer
bears the trials in this world with the intention of pleasing Allah (SWT),
He promises eternal rewards in the Hereafter.
“The greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. When Allah loves a
people He tests them.” (Tirmizi 2396)
This life is created for hardship, loss, and disappointment and it is only
our faith in Allah (SWT) that can enable us to bear these worldly trials
and keep ourselves focused on the ultimate goal of an eternal life in
Paradise. Through the recitation of the Holy Quran, our hearts find
ease and we are reminded about the endless favors of Allah (SWT)
upon us.
“No doubt, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.”(Quran
Allah (SWT) promises and consoles His servants that we may face
endless hardships in this world, but they will always be followed by
“So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: Verily, with every
difficulty there is relief.” (Quran, 94: 5-6)
At the end of the day, it is our faith in Allah (SWT) that can keep us
afloat in this world. The key is to trust in Allah’s (SWT) power and
His infinite wisdom to know what is better for us and what is not. He
loves us beyond measure and He waits for us to rely on Him so He can
give us beyond measure as well – in this world and the Hereafter. This
world and its trials are all meant for one purpose: to bring us back to
Him. Allah (SWT) afflicts us with hardship so we may find solace in
Him, He tests us so we may rely on Him to get us through it and He
sends calamities in our path so we may call for His help and His help

alone. He only wants His servants to remember Him and turn to Him
and to not get lost in the rat race of this worldly life. He wants man to
realize His purpose of creation – to worship Allah (SWT) while
keeping a balance between both the worldly matters and religion. We
should supplicate to Him with firm faith in his providence and His
control over everything. He will only decree what is best for us.

    Turn each anxiety, each fear and each concern into a Dua. Look at it as
    another reason to submit to Lord and be in prostration, during which you
    are closest to Allah. Allah Almighty listens and already knows what is in
    your heart, but He wants you to ask Him for what you want. Our beloved
    Prophet (SAW) said:
    “Allahh is angry with those who do not ask Him for anything.”(Tirmidhi).
    We should always ask Allah Almighty no matter to what we are dealing
    with. He is the only One who can help us. Talk to Allah when you’re alone.
    Talking to Allah like you can see Him doesn’t only connect you back to
    Him but also forms husn adh dhann billah (good thoughts about Allah)
    which can form a really strong base for a long term connection because it
    builds trust. Without trust and love, whatever building you raise above, will
    eventually fall down. So say what Yaqoub (AS) said when his sadness
    overwhelmed him.
    He said, “I only complain of my suffering and my grief to Allah…” [Quran
    Complain to Allah of the pain and sadness you cannot explain. Keep
    asking, even if you don’t know what to say. May be the following words of
    dua will help you figure out where you’re going with this:
    Ya Allah, I carried a heart so numb that I stopped feeling you closer to my
    jugular vein. I stopped realizing that I’ve been watched. I stopped feeling

the weight of kiraaman kaatibeen on my shoulders. I stopped realizing that
I am from the ummah of Rasool Allah the prophet who cried for me and yearned for my pure belief. Yet, here I am with eyes so dry, but a throat so constricted. A mouth so silent, but a mind that yearns. A heart so heavy that pins my body down to the ground. So here I am my Lord, here I am with a soul so bare….. Dua can lower the level of depression, do ask Allah what you want and tell Him what you are going through. Allah Almighty already knows the conditions of a person still He wants you to ask Him for what you want. So ask Allah it lowers the level of depression. 3,RELY ON ALLAH ALMIGHTY (TAWAKKUL): “And whoever relies upon Allah then he is sufficient for him” ( surah Al
talaq 3)
By constantly remembering Him throughout your day. Once you have
established a plan you intend to follow through on to deal with a specific
issue or problem in your life, put your trust in the most Wise and the All￾Knowing that is Allah Almighty. Allah says in Holy Quran:
“When you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah” (Quran 3: 159).
Why carry the burden of your world? when you can rely on your creator.
Overthinking is painful and it gets us into vicious circles and not only does
it makes it difficult to overcome depression but it makes it worse. We are
a nation who is blessed with Tawakol (Reliance on Allah). This means we
do istikhara, we plan, we take action and we ask God to guide us and take
us through the highs and lows.
“And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out. And will
provide for him from where he does not expect”. Surah Al Talaq 65:2-3

Allah knows what’s best for us. Even though we might not get what we asked
for or end up somewhere different than where we wished, He knows what
suits us. We might be attached to something or someone that could harm
us or be repelled from someone/something that might be of goodness to
He knows our ins and outs, our capabilities, and our endurance. He might
behold some bounties until we’re ready for them or redirect our routes for
a higher purpose.
Therefore, when we truly believe that He is the All-knowing, we will not
hold grudges towards our life, we will accept our circumstances and
peacefully work to better it.
“But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love
a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not”
Surah Al Baqarah 2:216
When we fully depend on people, we’ll be eager to please them. We’ll
remain anxious until our affairs are done. We are suffering from inner
struggles and anxiety. Our focus is on the creations, not the creator. Believe
that Allah is sufficient to entrust Him with your affairs and you’ll be granted
peace in your life.

According to one report, after the Prophet (SAW) had begun receiving
revelation from Allah Almighty, at one point a long period of time passed
with no such communication from Allah. As a result, the Makkans
humiliate the Prophet (SAW) due to that he became severely depressed.
At that time this chapter was revealed (Quran 93: 1-11). The chapter is a
beautiful reminder to us to see life in the greater pattern of things, to be
grateful for what we have and to never give up striving for what is right. This
chapter of the Quran can be considered a direct recipe from Lord for
Basically, depression mostly consists of feelings of self-doubt and extremely
low self-esteem which I can attribute to the deceptive whisperings
of Shaitan. When one peruses through the meaning of Suratul Nas, you
will notice it is mostly a prayer for protection from the whisperings of
Shaitan. Consistently reciting Surah tul Nas, whenever feelings of self￾doubts surface; will safeguard one from depression and uplift the mood of
one who suffers from depression.
Salah is one of the major preventions of depression. Those who keep
their prayers on time and pray in a right way as Muslims are told in Islam
then they will never get depression. Because Muslims pray with the
intention to connect with their Creator Who is indeed able to get His
servants out through such difficulties.
“Allah says in Quran in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 153:
“O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer.
Indeed, Allah is with the patient”.
Here I want to share my personal experience ,I also went through a difficult
period of my life , I was also depressed, but this happens when we fall in

love with the world, we will be disappointed at every moment of our life
.But at that time, the one who saved my existence from disintegration and
saved me from being destroyed was salah ( remembrance of Allah) , mostly
I was used to pray tahajud in midnights and was try to ask Allah for his
support And I cried so much that every part of my body was crying , and
gradually my depression subsided.
Surround yourself with people who remind you of Allah simply with their
actions. Through their kindness, through their humbleness, through their
wisdom. People who make you want to live a life for the sake of Allah. The
people of aakhirah who are free from the shackles of dunya –
especially when you feel completely chained by it. Company of such
people can give us perspective and lenses that we may have never used to
see the world. See what motivates them, what drives them forward, how are
they consistent etc. Seeing the practical life of being close to Allah makes it
feel much more real and achievable.
The Prophet (s.a.w) said, ‘The example of a good pious companion and an
evil one is that of a person carrying musk and another blowing a pair of
bellows. The one who is carrying musk will either give you some perfume
as a present, or you will buy some from him, or you will get a good smell
from him, but the one who is blowing a pair of bellows will either burn your
clothes or you will get a bad smell from him.” [Bukhari
Finally, rest assured that whenever you’re going through a dark
phase, that you’re not alone. Allah is Al Samii Al Aliim (All-hearing,
whenever you feel there’s no way out, remember…
حسبي هللا و نعم الوكيل
Sufficient for us is Allah and he is the best disposal of affairs
Say it
Feel it

and live with it…………To better health, more peace, light, and
I know fighting depression is not an easy as it sounds but inshallah with
determination and sincerity the above steps will help in the fight to step out
of it , Something I read recently triggered my thoughts, it explained that
our heart also has seasons, so if it is winter, do not lose hope and keep
going, after all spring always comes…and Allah helps those who have belief
in him to overcome depression . may Allah helps us to deal with depression
and stress with these islamic healing points that are mentioned above
For those who exhaust these techniques and continue to suffer from
depression and anxiety, they may need to consult a specialist doctor to treat
their condition.