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Depression & Its Impacts On Young Generation

By Mashooq Nawab

Recently I read an article on the psychology of child & how violence at home can adversely affect the child’s mind & his future. In addition to what I learnt from that article, In my personal view, the cause of depression & aggression among youths is due to the impact of injustice like snatching the basic rights and brushing there voices push the younger generation to depression. Besides that Unemployment leads and enforces youngster’s towards drug peddling, smoking, robbery,looting, violence, theft, and other things which imbalances the peace & prosperity. Young People are a key factor in human resource development. They are considered as the driving force for social change, economic growth and technological advancement. The utilisation of human resources to maximize production capacity and to facilitate economic growth and development has been one of the major critical challenges of the 21st Century. Many policies have been adopted in the past in our country (india) to reduce unemployment. However, there is a rise in the number of the unemployment rate. In our Jammu and Kashmir Union territory, one of great concern has become rising of unemployment rate which harnesses the capability for the Prosperity of the development of the J&K UT. the challenges faced by the authorities are mostly related to the entry of educated youth to the labour market, where young people encounter difficulties in finding and maintaining a decent job that too being highly qualified. Youth unemployment haunts not only me but every citizen of the country and also the citizens of our Kashmir valley because our youngsters are falling prey to different evils due to unemployment. Even educated elites who are highly qualified whenever they don’t get an opportunity in Govt sectors or Private Seriously influence on there psychology & mentality. If a young person in a family who is a responsible family member and the burden of all family members are on his shoulders didn’t get money because of unemployment or fail to run family will automatically & drastically change his mindset to commit suicide or even gets ready to leave the family to join the insurgency, and these are the reasons the younger generation got exposed to violence & depression. Another viewpoint is due to which depression leads in young generation is terrorism-in which innocent youths are brutally tortured & dragged. Life of thousand of youths has become a constant battle & struggle for survival and these things are enforcing youngster’s to pick up the arms to become rebels. Sounds of bullets had replaced the sounds of school is very unfortunate that in our country and in the valley, females are often entrails & being forced to provide sexual services to get money in order to run their families, it is only because of extreme poverty Rich becomes richer & poor goes poorer. Youths are mentally prepared & for forcibly recruited for performing different works to become dictators or to import /export drugs like caffeine,charas,bhang and many other contraband substances. The future of our young generation is in horrific stage some youngsters are being even rejected by girls to marry them because of unemployment even society rejects them although they are qualified to have PhD,NET,SET, JRF,Ms.c,M.A,Be.d Or technician like degrees, society calls them useless & reject.

My firm request to the higher authorities of the country is to open employment opportunities in Government & private sector so that our young generation will get space in these sectors & will not become a burden to their families & society.Youth should be saved from every evil because youths are the future of the country & are the best treasure of the nation, so save them & utilize for the development of the nation.

The writer is the social Activist & core Member of Lolab youth organisation and can be reached at