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Don’t Limit Your Skills to Engineering Alone

Saqib ul Islam

Around 1.5million engineers in India get their degrees from various colleges across India. Most of the engineering students don’t have the skills which are required in their core job sectors for running a company. It would not be wrong to say that maximum percentage of engineers are engineers by luck/chance, it is due to either they are being pushed to choose engineering field by their parents/guides or to impress their Kith and kens. Remaining are the engineers by their will.
Who is to be blamed, students who choose engineering to impress others (or) who are pushed to this field or the engineering colleges for their poor academic infrastructure, for the complete unemployment of engineering students after getting graduates from respected colleges
We are witnessing a popular choice among engineering graduates after engineering to join management courses like MBA in various fields, which pushes them to take this step, being engineering students they preferred non-engineering courses. Is the engineering system is so dump/low/ backward in our country
As with the increase in the direction towards engineering, uneducated/illiterate so-called businessmen started running engineering colleges whose ultimate goal is to make money and giving less priority to students, which lead to the crisis of unemployment of engineering graduates. Institutions run by such people are really ruining the future of students which give rise to no. Of suicides in the country.
Many engineering colleges in our country does not aim to produce the best engineers to the nation, they play with the career of students and with their emotions too. Not only students but parents of such students get directly dere after paying all their savings to such colleges.
It would not be wrong to say that these are not engineering colleges in our country but money-making machines, which sucks the blood of innocent students and their parents too by showing them baseless dreams and fake jackpots in terms of facilities and placements ( 100%placement and 100%result) which actually doesn’t exist in them.
No one can understand the sufferings of students, this drama doesn’t stop here after graduating with hardships in engineering life they get disappointment in finding their core jobs, where they are asked to have experience not only degree is enough for them, it adds to more anxiety even now. Finally, they land up in depression. Where they will go? What they will do?
Here I question govt/AICTE by overviewing all this stuff, what measures you have taken to stop this drama or must say “a future ruining hub”. If not now then this drama never finds its end, all this should stop within no time as this is the burning issue in the present time.
In the mean time, AICTE/govt should come to action and act upon this matter by finding a fruitful solution to this drama. There is no magic wand solution to this issue. Expecting the government to do everything is again childish. One of India’s biggest problem is parents forcing down their unfulfilled dreams on their children.

  1. Parents who admit their students to engineering colleges should do a thorough check before they spend hard-earned money. Another option is to judge the child’s strengths and tastes and actually determine if the child wants to study engineering?
    2. The most and important thing which should be looked first is the environment of college (surroundings) which totally depends upon the location of the college.
    Colleges should be located in an isolated place having a healthy environment for studies, innovations and experiments
  2. Teaching staff should be enough qualified at least masters in their respective subjects along with Bed degree compulsory.
    “Most of the faculties are practising in colleges to get experience without doing Bed degree which is the major fault of engineering colleges.
    4. Teachers must have proper communication skills
  3. lab equipments for all branches with updated versions.
  4. The fee structure should be compatible with all.
    7. What AICTE should follow to investigate all engineering colleges and to implement rules like will engineering colleges must have main branches(civil, mechanical, electronics, computer science). (The author is studying civil engineering in at BTI Bangalore and can be reached at [email protected])