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#Editorial Crippled Kupwara :Worst traffic gridlock exposes incompetence of administration

By Kamran Ashraf Bhat | Editorial Board

It is the more traffic and the same roads that have crippled Kupwara. The daily routine of life in Kupwara gets  taste of the worst traffic gridlock on major entering and exiting roads conjoined with the main town.

From the last two years, the rapid growth of the vehicular movement has paralysed traffic flow from town leading to Srinagar road or upper reaches. The Kupwara administration has spent the last decade ducking opportunities to use  for systematic traffic and road management despite union or state government mandates to produce quality possibilities for restructuring infrastructure.

Daily life has been forced to face inevitable traffic jams, the main road leading from Srinagar to Kupwara town which acts as a jugular vein for traffic movement has been facing crippled traffic issues on regular basis. Now, emerging traffic-related issues are often taking place on Lolab bypass road, not even main bypass road is free for smooth traffic. Both security barricades, town toll plazas and encroachments of roads have added fuel to the fire.

Photo | Shahid Peer

In last week only, Kupwara has witnessed 25 bottleneck like traffic congestions which is leading to loss of daily 70 minutes of the rush time of commuters. In the Kupwara town area, the vast majority of folks seem content to spend large chunks of their waking hours inhaling fumes in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Photo | Shahid Peer

People can be seen shouting in cars as travel times in the areas are 95% longer than what they would be if traffic flow uninterrupted. Even more alarming, the area is among the most important business hubs in the whole District in use of mass transit. If you are not lucky, travelling from Bumhama area to Kupwara town can take you 70 minutes which in normal traffic flow is supposed to take 05 minutes and on Lolab bypass leading from historical Jamia masjid road to lolab gate in traffic congestions it takes 80 minutes , in normal flow, it takes 6 minutes. Government planners must give up on decade-old master plan and should now come up long-lasting impressed with heavy scientific engineering for a new broader Master plan.

Photos | Sagar Rafeeq

Regrettably, neither the LG Government nor the District Administration seems eager to act with long term plans and short term plans, even though they believe in the flourishing of markets.

According to ‘journal of economic and social studies’, Indian cities have experienced tremendous growth in registered motor vehicles in the last decade. The total numbers of motor vehicles increased from 52.37 million in 2000 to 159.5 million as in 2012, an average growth rate of 10.5% between 2002 and 2012.

Concerned authority needs to act before congestion strangles the life out of region, Each related department should use the combination of strategies that match its goals and vision.

The Private traffic has been growing monstrously , what Administration must do is to keep eye on the volume of vehicular raise on roads and accordingly construct alternative roads. There is no major Extention in roads from last one decade but at the same time, the vehicular purchase has gone all-time High.

Separate from Newsroom , editorial represents opinion of Editor and Publisher .