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Editorial: It will be the litmus test for Independent DDCs

Now that PAGD has emerged  with the huge mandate it has paved the way for electing majority of chairmen affiliated with same. But, BJP, which has swept in Jammu will not let easy way out for People’s Alliance, they will fight with all they have. 
Between these two disparities, Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party has started to pin down independent DDCs with beautiful dreams and delusional goals. BJP will try to make sure that the Independent DDCs come swiftly towards their ambitions so that they get chairmanship decisively. For Independent DDCs there will be two ways for survival, either PAGD or BJP. To be in the arms of PAGD, Independents will have to oppose BJP propagation; while if they chose to make affair with BJP and his close boon companion, they will have to accept harsh realities of current times. 

For them it is now a litmus test, they have to make a way with a choice of their supporters or personal desires, both ways are easy to scoop up but the return from narrative will be intransigent for their voters. 

There will be no point of return for them, the political arena has made circumstances inflexible, they should go back to the basics and interact with grass-root level support; then come up with a popular supported decision. 
The independent DDCs will be important for key decisions in electing District Development  Chairman, one vote can turn into a ‘ quite a lark ‘ for  Parties. Most of Independent DDCs have been elected from Kashmir, the parties will start corner meetings and plans for capturing the Independent forts; the party which will make stealth action of capture -will make the inevitable win in major districts for Chairmanship. 

According to many reports- a major chunk of independent DDCs affiliated with PAGD parties directly or indirectly were floored by their parties against a former rival. For PAGD it will be cakewalk to get them in their team and as for as BJPs approach is considered; the road is not clear enough. Anyways, in politics impossibilities can turn in possibilities within no time. 

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