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Editorial|Pseudo Journalism and Extortion

If you have a pen in hand, a notebook to be filled with the ink of your pen and a camera ready to capture the visuals; you can bring truth out of the thousand lies or you can use  that truth to extort people. 

The fight between truth and lie will always be there but when a truth is used to blackmail people for money or world pleasures-it becomes a stepping stone for deception and degradation of society. Our life has been around a struggle to overcome from delusional world and setting truth free. 
Setting truth free-make it possible for people to know what is happening around them.  Today, we are living in one of the challenging times; journalism has become everyone’s cup of tea. The flow of immature reporters and stringers has immured news industry. Yesterday’s newspaper distributor has been given open space to report without knowing ABCDs of it, a video editing daily wager is now chief of bureau of a news broadcasting channel. 
Cable operators are running news shows on TV channels despite being immature enough. Now, be it graduates and Phd holders- they are free to decide fate of news , notwithstanding that they have not been processed by ‘ internship’ method.

If anyone has a desire to be reporter or contribute as a journalist; there is a process for it- newsroom influence, editorial board’s vigilance and training which they can understand with internship mechanism. 
Now, with pseudo ‘reporting-journalism’ has gone wild which is destroying the credibility of news. The uncontrolled Tsunami of Pseudo Journalism is destroying anything coming in front of it-  extortion, corruption and unethical reporting. There is a code of conduct for journalists, unfortunately the wild horse of ‘fake journalists’ have blurred the line between black and white; the black is no more black and white is no more white. 

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And, now our society is on receiving end; these fake journalists not only are involved in extortion but privacy of every household is on sale for cheap popularity. It is time for media houses to start filtering filth and set a objective system for recruitment. They have to revive classic way of journalism, if anyone is not fit for reporting; he must be processed through one year internship training program , so that he/she can learn elements of news and ethics.